Tuesday, September 10, 2019


So here we are. I have not typed in this blog for quite a while and to be honest not sure what Im going to do here. Ive just had no ambition to write. Ive really not had a lot to talk about. 

The riding has been so-so. Ive been doing a bit more road riding having put some Conti 4000 28c's on the Diverge. Im doing a local ride in a few weeks. The Earth ride has been going on for many years here in town but I have not done one since I opened the bike store as everyone else rode it and I had to work. 

So this is the first one Im doing in 10 years.
The last time I did this it was a century but not this time. Im going to be straining my fitness to finish the 50 miler. Ive done two 30 miles rides this summer and thats about it. Cripes.

The MTBing is going well tho. Im out every Tuesday for the ride. And at least one more time during the week. And we are heading into the best time of year and soon it will be all MTB's all the time as fall approaches.
But its going to be road riding for at least the next two weeks. Then, after the 50 miler the Conti's come off and the 40c gravel tires go back on for some fall riding.

Thinking back to the first paragraph Im not sure if I will continue this blog. But Ive said that before. Ive quit only to come back. So time will tell. Its not that I dont have the time its really just dont have a lot to say anymore. As I get older I feel like keeping to myself more. It seems I rarely take pictures anymore. Not sure why. Plus the reader count is way down. 

Anyway, Im off to ride in the woods. Its where I feel at home.


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