Friday, September 13, 2019


Two posts in one week. Of all things.
The temps are cooling and the trees are starting to turn. The best time of the year is on out doorstep. Fall is MTBing weather and its what I save up all my fun money for. At this time tomorrow morn I will be winging up to Marquette for a quick weekend in the woods. 

Between today and when the snow fly's I will be up there at least twice maybe three times. 

Last year at this time I went up for the first time with a ebike and I was concerned a bit. But really it was no big deal. It was so cool to get up the big climbs without puking. Not puking makes the the ride so much more enjoyable.

So I'll spend one ride on the north, and one on the south. Have dinner at Aubree's and a beer at Blackrocks.

I'll bring back pictures.


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