Monday, September 16, 2019


The Marquette trip was a huge success! I had a really good time. The weather was perfect. I see a few more of these visits before I start the winter visits. 

I left Saturday morn at 7am. I usually leave a 6am but figured I had all day to ride so no need to get there sooner. Got into town, checked into the hotel. The room was ready early so that was a bonus. Grabbed some quick food and was on the trail by 1pm. 

I did the north trails first as I usually do. Their my favorite. I took my time stopping at my fav spots many times. Not a cloud in the sky and temps on the cool side which is perfect for me. I was on the trail about 3.5 hours with a little more than 2 hours of riding. I just love to ride and stop to see stuff. If I was with the guys it would have been no stop, just go. Which is fun too but I like to stop to smell the flowers sometimes. All in all a great ride.

Then is was out for some food and a beer at Blackrocks.

 Sunday after a stop at my fav coffee shop it was a ride over to the south trails. Again, in the past with others we would have to ride at 8am but since I was not on anyone's timeline I rode at 10am. By this time I got to the lot it was full. Lots of bikes.

I ended up doing the Pioneer loop, and added a trail or two after. Also did some trails on the Marquette mountain side. I even saw two other ebikes trying to get around like I do. I dont think anybody even noticed. Its nice to ride just a little stress free knowing your not breaking some law. While some trail systems are "on the fence" they do look the other way. And soon even that wont be necessary.

Then after a nice lunch in town was on my way home at 2pm.

Some question if all the driving is worth the ride time and I say yes. Doing Marquette on a Sat\Sun is quick and fairly inexpensive. Yes, the drive time exceeds the ride time but its quality not quantity I go for.

As the trees start turning up there I hope to get in a few more weekend like this!


Friday, September 13, 2019


Two posts in one week. Of all things.
The temps are cooling and the trees are starting to turn. The best time of the year is on out doorstep. Fall is MTBing weather and its what I save up all my fun money for. At this time tomorrow morn I will be winging up to Marquette for a quick weekend in the woods. 

Between today and when the snow fly's I will be up there at least twice maybe three times. 

Last year at this time I went up for the first time with a ebike and I was concerned a bit. But really it was no big deal. It was so cool to get up the big climbs without puking. Not puking makes the the ride so much more enjoyable.

So I'll spend one ride on the north, and one on the south. Have dinner at Aubree's and a beer at Blackrocks.

I'll bring back pictures.


Tuesday, September 10, 2019


So here we are. I have not typed in this blog for quite a while and to be honest not sure what Im going to do here. Ive just had no ambition to write. Ive really not had a lot to talk about. 

The riding has been so-so. Ive been doing a bit more road riding having put some Conti 4000 28c's on the Diverge. Im doing a local ride in a few weeks. The Earth ride has been going on for many years here in town but I have not done one since I opened the bike store as everyone else rode it and I had to work. 

So this is the first one Im doing in 10 years.
The last time I did this it was a century but not this time. Im going to be straining my fitness to finish the 50 miler. Ive done two 30 miles rides this summer and thats about it. Cripes.

The MTBing is going well tho. Im out every Tuesday for the ride. And at least one more time during the week. And we are heading into the best time of year and soon it will be all MTB's all the time as fall approaches.
But its going to be road riding for at least the next two weeks. Then, after the 50 miler the Conti's come off and the 40c gravel tires go back on for some fall riding.

Thinking back to the first paragraph Im not sure if I will continue this blog. But Ive said that before. Ive quit only to come back. So time will tell. Its not that I dont have the time its really just dont have a lot to say anymore. As I get older I feel like keeping to myself more. It seems I rarely take pictures anymore. Not sure why. Plus the reader count is way down. 

Anyway, Im off to ride in the woods. Its where I feel at home.