Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Another very pleasant Tuesday Nite Ride.

About 10 bikes showed. Perfect Wisconsin summer weather.

Im still pretty happy with my ebike situation. I dont even notice it much anymore. And the riders with me dont notice it much anymore either. Im just another guy riding in the group and that makes me happy.

If you go back to last year when I got the ebike those who know me might remember the mental struggle I had with it. I had given up a super cool Fuel EX for that bike. Which is not the same ebike I have today but the same model. I sold last years bike to a dude in CA. 

I struggled with the idea that I just gave up. Ebikes were for the old and disabled. It got to the point where I would just ride alone. People were just sick of me complaining about it. Poor Dan has been reduced to riding a motorcycle.

Of course that was all me. No one else thought that. But I was kinda the odd guy in the group. 

All that bullshit is all gone. Now I just ride with my friends and they dont have to wait for me. Nobody even notices or mentions the bike anymore. We all just ride. How cool is that?

While the ebike is still not mainstream or even still not allowed on some trail systems (which is crazy) its for sure changed my life.  Im riding in the woods way more. I even use it to commute a bit too. Why not? 

I so look forward to the Tuesday rides now. Almost the highlight of my week. Good times with good friends. I hope to keep it rolling thru fall and into winter.

So we are on the second offering of our clothing and Ive added bibs to make a full kit. Email me at if interested.

So thats about it this week. The great weather continues. Get out side and play!


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