Wednesday, August 7, 2019


Its been a slow week. I did get in a few rides but no pics of such rides so I guess they did not happen. 

Saturday was a 30 mile road ride. Ive done a couple 30 milers and I gatta say I have been getting back on fumes. Maybe a 13-14 MPH average. Which is not terrible considering Im on 40c tires. I considered putting road tires on the Diverge but really since Im riding by myself is not needed. I enjoy hitting up a little woods when I can with the bigger tires.

The weather here is still amazing. A little hot for my liking but tolerable. Yesterday the short sleeve jerseys came in and I handed a few out on the Tuesday ride. Was a bit lower bike count with maybe 6 bikes showing but it was all good. 

I cant believe how fast this summer is going by. I cant believe its August.  O2S is next week already! A race I never missed in the past. While I still go up to Marquette as much as I can I dont go that weekend. Just too many people.

Ive been thinking about a little touring now that I have the gravel bike. Im assuming it can be racked somehow. I have not looked into that but it seems possible. I guess its called bikepacking now. That term originally applied to off road riding but now its seems to be universal.

Here's my last rig. Complete with coffee mug. I had this bike several years and rode it a bit but only toured one weekend with it. Complete with 1.8 pound tent that retailed for over $400. I pitched it once since I bought it in 2013. I ended up selling the bike complete as you see it. Like all my past bikes, I regret selling it. So if I decided to take this up again I would need to buy everything on the bike. Racks, bags and such. I almost sold all the camping gear but I didn't and Im glad I have all of it still.

Here I am touring up to Door County in 2011. Same bags. Borrowed tent. Surly Long Haul Trucker. Id have to say the Trucker was my favorite tour bike. The bar bag here was too big and was almost touching the levers. This one is caliper brakes but a year later I bought a disk Trucker. 

Here is the disk Trucker. This ride was up to Eagle River in 2012. Same bags. Same borrowed tent. Smaller handlebar bag. This was my favorite setup I think. Both my Truckers were 26in wheels. Stronger for sure. I think I had about 40 pounds in the bags. That sounds high but Im not sure. Plus with me being a bigger guy I for sure had to go with a strong setup. The steel frame was smooth riding. 

Anyway, if I do get back into this it for sure wont be like I used to. Much shorter day trips these days. My longest tour was 18 days and 1000 miles. That was in 2008 before I did the bike store thing.

The way this summer is going Im sure I'll run out of time...


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