Wednesday, August 14, 2019


I had no pics for today's post and saw this guy on my way to work today. Its heading to Duluth. I should grab my bike and hitch a ride. Duluth is working on trail systems to rival Marquette or Hayward. I will get up there someday. Its a long drive. 

Last nights Tuesday Nite Ride was the best. We had 17 bikes attend before it was over. Some came sooner and some later but we had a solid group of 10 roll out with me. This ride has become the best of the week for me. I really enjoy it. I forgot my phone in the car so no pics. Sometimes I forget my phone on purpose.

The trails are in great shape besides a few tree down giving us a re route. The rides have been fun. Ive been on those trails a million times but if you tie them together differently every week its not so bad. Forwards and backwards too.

Next up on my mind is a trip to Marquette. This last weekend was race weekend and I never go up that weekend anymore. Just too many people. A room is hard to find. Campgrounds are full booked up months ago. Even if I went up then it would be last minute and I could not find any room at the Inn.

Soon the temps will taper and it will be the beginnings of fall. All the roadies ditch the road bike for a MTB and its game on. Cant wait.

Sorry for the boring post..... next week!


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