Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Coffee and Lake Michigan go together

 Not much of anything to say about the last week.  Its been hot and muggy so that means lots of storms. Isolated storms that just pop up and raise hell for 15 minutes and gone. Maybe 3 or 4 per day. I did get a few nice mornings visiting the lake. If it wasn't raining the sun was out.


I did get in two rides last week. Saturday and Sunday. The Tuesday nite ride was rained out last nite. Not that it was raining at the time but was just too wet from all the come and go storms.

Here's three different storms. I don't mind as much as these kind of storms are fun to watch. Very quick and pack a punch. Any hint of any kind of tornadic activity and I'm jumping in my car to confront. Is tornatic a word? I say yes.

So with the Tuesday nite ride canceled we will give it a try next Tuesday back at Evergreen Park. Always a bigger group there.

The first order of jerseys will go out today. Then the 4 to 5 week wait. The second order is set for about 10 days. I need to remind everyone that they need to be paid before ordering.

As I mentioned last week I bought a bike. Its in my garage. But I'm not going to present it until its finished. As usual, I change quite a bit on my bikes. Mostly personal preference stuff. If I still had the store I would of had this bike done in an afternoon but I seem to be missing some tools that needed so I had to buy them again. Right now the bike it literally held up by a $.90 cent part. I could ride it but I just don't like to until its finished. I mean completely finished as I like to ride it. I did buy the bike complete in a box but I pretty much took it completely apart and rebuilt it.
With the Holiday tomorrow I wont get to it until Friday. Most likely Monday. So I will for sure get it up on this blog by next post next week. I have big plans to ride this one a lot. And no, its not a ebike.


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