Wednesday, July 10, 2019


Last Nite

The Tuesday nite ride had great weather this week for a change. Back on our home turf here in town. It was a nice ride for all. Faster guys went fast. Slower guys and gals went slower. I rode with both groups being the social butterfly that I am.

And the fact that I can push a button and ride with the fast guys. Unpush the button to ride with the slower (normal) group. Im really enjoying the woods as much as I did 20 years ago.
Next Tuesday will be back at Evergreen. The groups are so much bigger when we stay home but we do have some travel in our future.... More to come on that later.


Last Saturday I SAG'd for the Salvation Ride here in town. Most people do not recognize me in this car. And thats OK. I fixed two flats all day with no big issues. I stuck to the 50 and 62 mile routes and was home by noon. I did see quite a few 100 milers ride past my house later in the day. Most looked to be moving pretty good for 90+ miles at the time.

Its been many years since I did a century. I think my last one was 2012. I rode 30 miles last Friday and it damn near killed me. 


But I will be riding more road miles with the new bike. I still dont want to show it off as its still not done. Wheels, tires and bar tape still not here. I did put about 50 miles on it last week and do like it. I just dont want to show it off until its done. Im kinda weird like that. Next week for sure!

So thats about it for this week. Considering heading up to Marquette for a quickie this weekend. I'll see what the weather looks like.


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