Thursday, July 18, 2019


Back in the day I used to keep tabs on the freighters that sailed past quite a bit. Nowadays not as much but every once in a while is see one. Im not sure which on this is as I saw it on a bike ride but its for sure one of just four 1000 footers that cruise past. I used to write many posts on this stuff.

The Tuesday nite ride was a hot one but about 10 bikes showed. We pretty much all stayed together all night and a good time was had by all. 
Next week we are at Greenbush. Some noted displeasure about going out there and its nice to see people who dislike the place like I do. Just so many rocks. And thats OK for awhile but after an hour it gets old.  But its close so we ride it. Beggers cant be choosers.

The long sleeve order will go out Friday for sure. The short sleeve will be here in a few weeks. Looking forward to that. Contact me if still interested in a long sleeve. Next up will be bib shorts.....

So even tho the bike is not done I've been riding it a ton. Almost 4 hours last weekend. Thats a lot for me these days. Im going to change the bar tape this week. And then go shopping for some carbon wheels. After that it will be good to go. I just put on the Bontrager GR1 40c tires on and love them. I glad to be back riding a road (gravel) bike. My average MPH is way down but since I dont group ride anymore thats fine by me. 14/15 mph average is just fine when solo.

I sure have gotten a lot of comments about riding a Specialized. Its all good. I just wanted to patronize the local bike shops. I still dont order anything online. I just wont to it. I'll post a review on the bike another day. But I like it.

Its official. Im headed up to Hayward this weekend. Leaving tomorrow (Friday) morn. Get up there by noon, have lunch and ride. Its been a long time since I've been there in summer. Only once last fall. I had the ebike and I remember a little snow on the ground. This visit I think we will get to WinMin for sure. I'll also bring the gravel bike and hit up the Bearskin in Minocqua. Thats always a go to trail for gravel. Limestone actually. Either way I hope to ride a ton.

Thats it for this week. Will spend the day taking care of loose ends at work then prepping for the long weekend. Its going to be hot. Near 100 here and over 90 up there. Will start start drinking (water) today. 

Have a good weekend.


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