Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Weekend\Tuesday Riding

Tuesday Nite

Its been awhile since I posted. Life gets busy. Today is the first time I got to a decent computer this week.. Timeline going backwards..

Last nite we headed to Maribel Caves for the Tuesday nite ride. Its a short but very enjoyable trail system thats about a 40 minute drive that get some love from the locals up there. Just shy of 3 miles on a loop but chock full of fun wooden stuff to ride over and on. 
Was not a big turn out but really never is when we travel. Really their loss. But I know its hard to travel on a school night. But so much fun to ride other trails now and then. 
Beer was cold.

Next week we will be back on home turf so that means a bigger group.

Looking back to last weekend that seems a million years ago I did get in two nice rides on both days. Both in the woods and on two separate trail systems. Nothing earth shattering but enough to have fun. I had some pictures of last weekend but I lost them. Moving on.....

I'll be the first to admit I kinda miss being involved in bike stuff after ditching the store. So Im starting some sort of club\organisation\group. Not sure where this will go and I have no expectations in this except to have some fun and ride some bikes.

So I asked the nice people at Borah clothing to come up with a jersey for the Sheboygan County MTB Society.

And here is what they came up with.

So these things are ready to order. Short sleeve $83 and long sleeve $93 including shipping. Want one?
Email me at with short\long sleeve and size and I will send you a PayPal invoice. I would prefer to use PayPal to keep track of payments but if you know me and have cash I could make that work also.

So thats about it for this week. Next week I might have a new bike in the stable. And for those who know me will sorta blow your minds. But Im excited! Its ordered and on its way....

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