Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Tues Nite Dirt


I really don't plan on posting more than once a week here. I used to post almost everyday. Im going to cut down the number of posts but maybe have a little more content in them.

Back in the day when I had the store I didn't work until 10am so I had a ton of time to hit up the lake before work. Now a days I still do but my extra time is now after work. Someways I do get out of the house early and get a morning on the beach.

So last nite was the first real Tuesday Dirt Ride. It was a good time and I got in almost two hours in the saddle. I hope to take this show on the road soon and visit other trail systems. Everyone always expects me to lead. Sometimes Im a little uncomfortable with that. I was always ascared of going to slow, and now with my current bike, too fast. I can admit that even with an assist bike I still cant go too fast. Which is fine by me. I didn't get that bike to try and beat anybody.
I'll start taking some pics on this ride every week. 

That's about it for this week. Let's see what kind of weekend I have planned.


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