Monday, June 3, 2019

Another Weekend Report

Saturday in between storms

This weekend you had to stay on your toes. Saturday had huge storms roll in, then sun, then another storm. You need to keep all options open and act in a moments notice.

I played it safe on Saturday and did not pull out a bike. I did have my morning coffee in my fav park tho. Had a hour in between storms. It was a little cool at 52 degrees, down from 82 on Friday.

As I watched this last storm roll in I called it a day and went home. It pretty much rained the rest of the day. But was showing to stop by early evening. In plenty of time to ride in the woods on Sunday.

The pelicans are back. They hang out here about two weeks or so. Just resting up before they continue their journey north I think. I would guess about 200 of then around the lakefront right now.

Sunday morning was much better than the day before. I headed out on some local trails around noon. The sun was out and it was near 60 degrees. Pretty much perfect. No signs of the rain the day before. 

You can tell when the weekends riding window gets smaller. Lots of riders out on the trail. One dude was out on the trails with a full on Walmart bike. By the end of lap one he was walking. A crank arm came loose and was dangling. I never know if I should say something. If he is just cheap then he need to be educated. But if thats all the dude can afford I kinda give him credit for at least being out there. Always a tough call. I explained to him what needs to be done on the bike.

Looks like the weather may hold out for our Tuesday Dirt Ride. Really the first due to last weeks rain out. Should be fun. 

Thats about it this week. 


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