Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Riding Of Bikes

Had a pretty good weekend of riding. At least Sunday and Monday.

Spring riding is always the best once the trails dry out. Just before the leaves start growing. You can see so far in the woods. And the bugs are still at a minimum.  Everything is so fresh.

Sundays ride was fun. Drove to out local trail system and just tooled around the longest loop. There is a spot about halfway thru where I moved a log along side the trail and stop and sit a spell every time I ride past. Not too far from where I took the above pic.

Trillium's are out!

Both rides this three day weekend were solo and slow. When alone I like to ride slow with my head on a swivel. Stop and smell the Trillium's. Mondays Memorial Day ride was at our most local trails. Since I have rode this park so many times I usually dont go there much anymore but now its my go to ride. I never drive there anymore. Just put the bike on commuter assist and get there in less than 6 minutes. Back the assist down to minimum and get a nice ride in. Just so convenient now for me. Im enjoying these trail once again also.

Having the ebike is great when Im with a bunch of fast guys but also when Im alone. I turn the assist to a minimum and still get in a workout. And I can ride so much longer too. Hours longer. Ive said this a million times but the ebike is the best bike decision I have ever made.

I no longer even want to own a road bike. I'll take the money I was going to spend on a road bike and use it for travel this summer. That sounds like a plan. 

Saturday was a little wet so I just hiked around our local State Park. Saw these guys strutting around. Showing off to each other.

So thats about it for the weekend. Today (Tuesday) is raining and that eliminates out Tuesday Nite Ride. 

I still need to plan a weekend in the northern are of our State. The weather is starting to turn for the better. Hope to ride up there soon. 


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