Thursday, May 23, 2019

Im Back Over Here Again

So Im on a new blog thats my old blog. I switched from Googles Blogger to WordPress in 2013. My Wordpress blog is dead. I was acually paying $100 per year for it. So I decided to revert back to everything that is Google and low and behold, my old blog was still accessible. The wonders of google.

I do find this easier to use and I enjoyed going back a ways to see what I wrote years ago. These are posts that I have not seen since I wrote them. Some back in 2009. 10 years gone by. 

So here I go back on this blog. While my life has changed quite a bit I still will have lots of nice pics. I enjoy that. And will have a lot more riding to post about with my new found time.

Gone will be the posts about bike shop stuff. But my summer plans to hit up pretty much every trail system in Wisco will more than replace that. As soon as it stops snowing up in the northern part of this State I'll be heading up there almost every weekend. 
So much to ride and now so much time to ride it.
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Im off!


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