Friday, September 13, 2019


Two posts in one week. Of all things.
The temps are cooling and the trees are starting to turn. The best time of the year is on out doorstep. Fall is MTBing weather and its what I save up all my fun money for. At this time tomorrow morn I will be winging up to Marquette for a quick weekend in the woods. 

Between today and when the snow fly's I will be up there at least twice maybe three times. 

Last year at this time I went up for the first time with a ebike and I was concerned a bit. But really it was no big deal. It was so cool to get up the big climbs without puking. Not puking makes the the ride so much more enjoyable.

So I'll spend one ride on the north, and one on the south. Have dinner at Aubree's and a beer at Blackrocks.

I'll bring back pictures.


Tuesday, September 10, 2019


So here we are. I have not typed in this blog for quite a while and to be honest not sure what Im going to do here. Ive just had no ambition to write. Ive really not had a lot to talk about. 

The riding has been so-so. Ive been doing a bit more road riding having put some Conti 4000 28c's on the Diverge. Im doing a local ride in a few weeks. The Earth ride has been going on for many years here in town but I have not done one since I opened the bike store as everyone else rode it and I had to work. 

So this is the first one Im doing in 10 years.
The last time I did this it was a century but not this time. Im going to be straining my fitness to finish the 50 miler. Ive done two 30 miles rides this summer and thats about it. Cripes.

The MTBing is going well tho. Im out every Tuesday for the ride. And at least one more time during the week. And we are heading into the best time of year and soon it will be all MTB's all the time as fall approaches.
But its going to be road riding for at least the next two weeks. Then, after the 50 miler the Conti's come off and the 40c gravel tires go back on for some fall riding.

Thinking back to the first paragraph Im not sure if I will continue this blog. But Ive said that before. Ive quit only to come back. So time will tell. Its not that I dont have the time its really just dont have a lot to say anymore. As I get older I feel like keeping to myself more. It seems I rarely take pictures anymore. Not sure why. Plus the reader count is way down. 

Anyway, Im off to ride in the woods. Its where I feel at home.


Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Another very pleasant Tuesday Nite Ride.

About 10 bikes showed. Perfect Wisconsin summer weather.

Im still pretty happy with my ebike situation. I dont even notice it much anymore. And the riders with me dont notice it much anymore either. Im just another guy riding in the group and that makes me happy.

If you go back to last year when I got the ebike those who know me might remember the mental struggle I had with it. I had given up a super cool Fuel EX for that bike. Which is not the same ebike I have today but the same model. I sold last years bike to a dude in CA. 

I struggled with the idea that I just gave up. Ebikes were for the old and disabled. It got to the point where I would just ride alone. People were just sick of me complaining about it. Poor Dan has been reduced to riding a motorcycle.

Of course that was all me. No one else thought that. But I was kinda the odd guy in the group. 

All that bullshit is all gone. Now I just ride with my friends and they dont have to wait for me. Nobody even notices or mentions the bike anymore. We all just ride. How cool is that?

While the ebike is still not mainstream or even still not allowed on some trail systems (which is crazy) its for sure changed my life.  Im riding in the woods way more. I even use it to commute a bit too. Why not? 

I so look forward to the Tuesday rides now. Almost the highlight of my week. Good times with good friends. I hope to keep it rolling thru fall and into winter.

So we are on the second offering of our clothing and Ive added bibs to make a full kit. Email me at if interested.

So thats about it this week. The great weather continues. Get out side and play!


Wednesday, August 14, 2019


I had no pics for today's post and saw this guy on my way to work today. Its heading to Duluth. I should grab my bike and hitch a ride. Duluth is working on trail systems to rival Marquette or Hayward. I will get up there someday. Its a long drive. 

Last nights Tuesday Nite Ride was the best. We had 17 bikes attend before it was over. Some came sooner and some later but we had a solid group of 10 roll out with me. This ride has become the best of the week for me. I really enjoy it. I forgot my phone in the car so no pics. Sometimes I forget my phone on purpose.

The trails are in great shape besides a few tree down giving us a re route. The rides have been fun. Ive been on those trails a million times but if you tie them together differently every week its not so bad. Forwards and backwards too.

Next up on my mind is a trip to Marquette. This last weekend was race weekend and I never go up that weekend anymore. Just too many people. A room is hard to find. Campgrounds are full booked up months ago. Even if I went up then it would be last minute and I could not find any room at the Inn.

Soon the temps will taper and it will be the beginnings of fall. All the roadies ditch the road bike for a MTB and its game on. Cant wait.

Sorry for the boring post..... next week!


Wednesday, August 7, 2019


Its been a slow week. I did get in a few rides but no pics of such rides so I guess they did not happen. 

Saturday was a 30 mile road ride. Ive done a couple 30 milers and I gatta say I have been getting back on fumes. Maybe a 13-14 MPH average. Which is not terrible considering Im on 40c tires. I considered putting road tires on the Diverge but really since Im riding by myself is not needed. I enjoy hitting up a little woods when I can with the bigger tires.

The weather here is still amazing. A little hot for my liking but tolerable. Yesterday the short sleeve jerseys came in and I handed a few out on the Tuesday ride. Was a bit lower bike count with maybe 6 bikes showing but it was all good. 

I cant believe how fast this summer is going by. I cant believe its August.  O2S is next week already! A race I never missed in the past. While I still go up to Marquette as much as I can I dont go that weekend. Just too many people.

Ive been thinking about a little touring now that I have the gravel bike. Im assuming it can be racked somehow. I have not looked into that but it seems possible. I guess its called bikepacking now. That term originally applied to off road riding but now its seems to be universal.

Here's my last rig. Complete with coffee mug. I had this bike several years and rode it a bit but only toured one weekend with it. Complete with 1.8 pound tent that retailed for over $400. I pitched it once since I bought it in 2013. I ended up selling the bike complete as you see it. Like all my past bikes, I regret selling it. So if I decided to take this up again I would need to buy everything on the bike. Racks, bags and such. I almost sold all the camping gear but I didn't and Im glad I have all of it still.

Here I am touring up to Door County in 2011. Same bags. Borrowed tent. Surly Long Haul Trucker. Id have to say the Trucker was my favorite tour bike. The bar bag here was too big and was almost touching the levers. This one is caliper brakes but a year later I bought a disk Trucker. 

Here is the disk Trucker. This ride was up to Eagle River in 2012. Same bags. Same borrowed tent. Smaller handlebar bag. This was my favorite setup I think. Both my Truckers were 26in wheels. Stronger for sure. I think I had about 40 pounds in the bags. That sounds high but Im not sure. Plus with me being a bigger guy I for sure had to go with a strong setup. The steel frame was smooth riding. 

Anyway, if I do get back into this it for sure wont be like I used to. Much shorter day trips these days. My longest tour was 18 days and 1000 miles. That was in 2008 before I did the bike store thing.

The way this summer is going Im sure I'll run out of time...


Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Another great Tuesday ride in the books. Perfect Wisconsin summer weather. Almost 15 bikes or so. Its this cool sunny weather that makes me happy to live here. Lots of sun, low humidity and the bugs were not that bad. While I can understand how some move out for the winters here its tough for me to justify not being here for the summer\fall. And the only thing better that a Wisco summer is a Wisco fall. And don't get me wrong, Im a winter guy so I do look forward to a Wisco winter. 

The groups are so much bigger when we stay on home turf that is Evergreen Park. Its been decided we will just ride here now every Tuesday ongoing. It gets a little boring for guys like me that have done a few thousand laps around this place but we just keep changing it up a little to keep it interesting.

This is really a very nice park. I think us locals take it for granted at times and we shouldn't. Ive been riding here for over 20 years now. Ive been the directer from 2002 to 2007 (not real sure on the exact years)for the MTB race the local club put on in this park from 1994 to 2015. 

Still, even tho its a 6 minute ride (with ebike on turbo) from my house I still don't go here as much as one would think. But I have been here more this summer now that I have more time.

Its a city park and is used by many user groups. In fact the bike portion is probably the lesser of all the groups. Maybe one up from the CC skiers who need snow. But when there is snow its machine groomed. Hikers, picnics and such. So a lot go's on here.

Moving on...  just got word that the short sleeve jerseys will show up next week. And have a date for the long sleeve set for Aug 22nd.  So there's that. Personally I just bought one short sleeve. I'll get another on the next order, maybe a long sleeve but I really don't wear a long sleeve jersey as opposed to just throwing on arm warmers....

That's about it for this week. I do have a little report about my new gravel bike coming many next week. Just some thoughts as I now have been on it enough to form an opinion. 


Monday, July 22, 2019


Birkie Start line. Also Ojibwe trailhead.

Im posting a day early as I cant make the Tuesday nite ride this week due to my grandson in a baseball tournament and I need to be there. But I just returned home from 3 days in Gods Country. So there's that.

Got up to Hayward (actually Seeley) around noon on Friday. The radar was showing some huge storms coming our way. We figured we had about 2 hours so I decided we were going to go old school on the Ojibwe trail. This trail is near the run down and deserted Telemark resort and was one of the original MTB trails build in the 80's. 

Telemark is still there but for how long? Cant believe a "mystery" fire has not happened. I sure miss this place.

You could sure tell the Ojibwe trails were old by the design and such. They may be old but there has been quite a few updated and touch ups.  Its a nice loop that takes about 2 hours to do (give or take). 

We did not make it out dry.

This map was way more important that any trail map this weekend. At times we dealt with downpours, wind and lightning. Just south of us was hail. Glad that did not show up. 

After getting cleaned up and talking about tomorrow over a local beer we decided to ride early Saturday to beat the oncoming storms that were to come mid day.
We decided to ride out of the Mosquito Brook trail head and ride 30 minutes south and back and if the rain was holding off then 30 minutes north. An hour each way.Two hour ride but never real far from the car.

We rode dry about 20 minutes and got to the car soaking wet at 45 minutes. This time the rain was not a true downpour but it was lightning quite a bit making it interesting once again. So day two on Saturday was a bust with about a 45 minute soggy ride. Around noon the sun came out and the trails were dry by 4pm. We did consider giving it another shot but I just was not motivated that late in the day.
The best ride of the weekend was Sunday. Go figure as we had to go home right after. We started at the OO trail head and rode out Seeley Pass. A ride I have done many times.

Riding up to the highest point in the trail system.

We headed out with a couple local fast guys and I had a blast. I had to crank the assist up a bit to keep up but it was so fun to ride with those guys (and gal). Even with more assist I was on the rivet more often than not. 

I even rode up Seeley Fire Tower. An iconic climb in the Fat Tire 40 MTB race. Whenever I did the race it was a walk up for me. And even that was tough. But it was fun to follow the guys (and gal) up the climb. Was the first time I ever rode it and the fact I was on a ebike was OK by me. I remember this climb being so rocky and I think it still was but its so overgrown and green. Almost unrecognizable. I rode right past it without knowing. The vid does not give it justice. Its long with 4 tiers to deal with. The vid just shows the last tier.

On Sunday after the ride I rode over the new ski bridge by OO trail head. So many cool things going on up here. Like I said in the prior post its been awhile since I got up here for summer riding and I need to really do it more. The trails will never disappoint. Especially now with some ehelp. I can ride twice as many trails as before and how could that ever be a bad thing?


Thursday, July 18, 2019


Back in the day I used to keep tabs on the freighters that sailed past quite a bit. Nowadays not as much but every once in a while is see one. Im not sure which on this is as I saw it on a bike ride but its for sure one of just four 1000 footers that cruise past. I used to write many posts on this stuff.

The Tuesday nite ride was a hot one but about 10 bikes showed. We pretty much all stayed together all night and a good time was had by all. 
Next week we are at Greenbush. Some noted displeasure about going out there and its nice to see people who dislike the place like I do. Just so many rocks. And thats OK for awhile but after an hour it gets old.  But its close so we ride it. Beggers cant be choosers.

The long sleeve order will go out Friday for sure. The short sleeve will be here in a few weeks. Looking forward to that. Contact me if still interested in a long sleeve. Next up will be bib shorts.....

So even tho the bike is not done I've been riding it a ton. Almost 4 hours last weekend. Thats a lot for me these days. Im going to change the bar tape this week. And then go shopping for some carbon wheels. After that it will be good to go. I just put on the Bontrager GR1 40c tires on and love them. I glad to be back riding a road (gravel) bike. My average MPH is way down but since I dont group ride anymore thats fine by me. 14/15 mph average is just fine when solo.

I sure have gotten a lot of comments about riding a Specialized. Its all good. I just wanted to patronize the local bike shops. I still dont order anything online. I just wont to it. I'll post a review on the bike another day. But I like it.

Its official. Im headed up to Hayward this weekend. Leaving tomorrow (Friday) morn. Get up there by noon, have lunch and ride. Its been a long time since I've been there in summer. Only once last fall. I had the ebike and I remember a little snow on the ground. This visit I think we will get to WinMin for sure. I'll also bring the gravel bike and hit up the Bearskin in Minocqua. Thats always a go to trail for gravel. Limestone actually. Either way I hope to ride a ton.

Thats it for this week. Will spend the day taking care of loose ends at work then prepping for the long weekend. Its going to be hot. Near 100 here and over 90 up there. Will start start drinking (water) today. 

Have a good weekend.


Wednesday, July 10, 2019


Last Nite

The Tuesday nite ride had great weather this week for a change. Back on our home turf here in town. It was a nice ride for all. Faster guys went fast. Slower guys and gals went slower. I rode with both groups being the social butterfly that I am.

And the fact that I can push a button and ride with the fast guys. Unpush the button to ride with the slower (normal) group. Im really enjoying the woods as much as I did 20 years ago.
Next Tuesday will be back at Evergreen. The groups are so much bigger when we stay home but we do have some travel in our future.... More to come on that later.


Last Saturday I SAG'd for the Salvation Ride here in town. Most people do not recognize me in this car. And thats OK. I fixed two flats all day with no big issues. I stuck to the 50 and 62 mile routes and was home by noon. I did see quite a few 100 milers ride past my house later in the day. Most looked to be moving pretty good for 90+ miles at the time.

Its been many years since I did a century. I think my last one was 2012. I rode 30 miles last Friday and it damn near killed me. 


But I will be riding more road miles with the new bike. I still dont want to show it off as its still not done. Wheels, tires and bar tape still not here. I did put about 50 miles on it last week and do like it. I just dont want to show it off until its done. Im kinda weird like that. Next week for sure!

So thats about it for this week. Considering heading up to Marquette for a quickie this weekend. I'll see what the weather looks like.


Wednesday, July 3, 2019


Coffee and Lake Michigan go together

 Not much of anything to say about the last week.  Its been hot and muggy so that means lots of storms. Isolated storms that just pop up and raise hell for 15 minutes and gone. Maybe 3 or 4 per day. I did get a few nice mornings visiting the lake. If it wasn't raining the sun was out.


I did get in two rides last week. Saturday and Sunday. The Tuesday nite ride was rained out last nite. Not that it was raining at the time but was just too wet from all the come and go storms.

Here's three different storms. I don't mind as much as these kind of storms are fun to watch. Very quick and pack a punch. Any hint of any kind of tornadic activity and I'm jumping in my car to confront. Is tornatic a word? I say yes.

So with the Tuesday nite ride canceled we will give it a try next Tuesday back at Evergreen Park. Always a bigger group there.

The first order of jerseys will go out today. Then the 4 to 5 week wait. The second order is set for about 10 days. I need to remind everyone that they need to be paid before ordering.

As I mentioned last week I bought a bike. Its in my garage. But I'm not going to present it until its finished. As usual, I change quite a bit on my bikes. Mostly personal preference stuff. If I still had the store I would of had this bike done in an afternoon but I seem to be missing some tools that needed so I had to buy them again. Right now the bike it literally held up by a $.90 cent part. I could ride it but I just don't like to until its finished. I mean completely finished as I like to ride it. I did buy the bike complete in a box but I pretty much took it completely apart and rebuilt it.
With the Holiday tomorrow I wont get to it until Friday. Most likely Monday. So I will for sure get it up on this blog by next post next week. I have big plans to ride this one a lot. And no, its not a ebike.


Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Weekend\Tuesday Riding

Tuesday Nite

Its been awhile since I posted. Life gets busy. Today is the first time I got to a decent computer this week.. Timeline going backwards..

Last nite we headed to Maribel Caves for the Tuesday nite ride. Its a short but very enjoyable trail system thats about a 40 minute drive that get some love from the locals up there. Just shy of 3 miles on a loop but chock full of fun wooden stuff to ride over and on. 
Was not a big turn out but really never is when we travel. Really their loss. But I know its hard to travel on a school night. But so much fun to ride other trails now and then. 
Beer was cold.

Next week we will be back on home turf so that means a bigger group.

Looking back to last weekend that seems a million years ago I did get in two nice rides on both days. Both in the woods and on two separate trail systems. Nothing earth shattering but enough to have fun. I had some pictures of last weekend but I lost them. Moving on.....

I'll be the first to admit I kinda miss being involved in bike stuff after ditching the store. So Im starting some sort of club\organisation\group. Not sure where this will go and I have no expectations in this except to have some fun and ride some bikes.

So I asked the nice people at Borah clothing to come up with a jersey for the Sheboygan County MTB Society.

And here is what they came up with.

So these things are ready to order. Short sleeve $83 and long sleeve $93 including shipping. Want one?
Email me at with short\long sleeve and size and I will send you a PayPal invoice. I would prefer to use PayPal to keep track of payments but if you know me and have cash I could make that work also.

So thats about it for this week. Next week I might have a new bike in the stable. And for those who know me will sorta blow your minds. But Im excited! Its ordered and on its way....

Monday, June 17, 2019

Weekend w\Pics


Had a pretty good weekend. One ride, two hikes. Rain, cold, some sun.
Saturday started out with a nice walk. It was cold so I waited for it to warm up a bit before I did anything. Which was a mistake as it started in the low 60's and was 52 by the time I got out to the park for a walk. Temps going in the wrong direction.
But a nice walk it was.


Then the ride. After I got home from the walk I left the house with the bike in commuter (full assist) mode. Got to the park and it was a little wet still so it was an abbreviated ride in the woods. The high water this spring has been working on the trails. Eating more of the trail every time I ride there it seems.


So I didnt want to beat up the trails and decided to do a little urban assault. With the assist in full gas mode I tooled around the lakefront a little. Still some Pelicans hanging around on the pier. The strange thing about the eMTB is that you can just crank it up and you go 19mph pretty much all the time. So even tho its got big fat tires I still can get around as good or better than a road bike. I never drive over to the park anymore. Not I ride and get there in 6 minutes which is most likely faster than a car.

Sunday woke to a steady cold rain.


Sunday was just a walk day. Morning rain made trails way too muddy to ride. And woke to 49 degrees. So I waited until near noon and headed back the the Park. I saw this Eagle. Soaking wet from jumping in the lake to grab the fish under his\her claws. Crows were flocking around and giving the Eagle a hard time but he\she did not give notice. 
I debated weather to head over to the Park Sunday and its things like this that reaffirm that I need to get outside every chance I get. Its little rewards like this one that keep me going. 

Its looking dry Mon|Tues so the Tuesday nite ride should be a good one. 
I'll let you know.


Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Another Tues Nite Ride

Another Tuesday nite ride in the books. Over 15 bikes. Not bad for the second night. 

While some rain came just an hour before the ride it was just enough to knock down the dust as the trails were in great shape.

I hope to grow this ride this summer. I even have plans to get a jersey made up. That should be fun. e start traveling to other trails systems next week!

I started the night riding a lap with the fast guys. Now that I can its a lot of fun to ride with those guys again. But I dont forget my slow riding buddy's. After a fast lap I cut down the assist on the bike and ride with them too.

Thats the great thing about the eBike. I can ride with everybody. And for me thats the only reason I need to ride such a bike. Im a social butterfly.

I just enjoy my saddle time so much more now. I still dont have a road\gravel bike and I do plan on getting one but Im not in a hurry. Im having so much fun riding with so many new people and places that I could not do before.

I really do need a weekend away soon and Im sure when I grab the opportunity it will be last minute and thats fine by me. Most likely alone.

Thats going to be it for this week. Have a good rest of your week and weekend.


Monday, June 10, 2019

Last Weekend.


Another weekend came and gone. Not the most interesting weekend. No bike stuff on Saturday. Which was a shame as the weather this weekend was amazing. Sunday I did get a morning ride in before that rain came in the afternoon.
Was a nice relaxing ride Sunday. I had the park all to myself and sometimes I like that. Stopped a few times to watch a Redtail Hawk look for food and then once to watch a baby deer follow its Mom around. Rides like that sure help with the stress levels. 

Now my attention turns to tomorrows Tuesday nite ride. Looks like the weather will be favorable. Will look forward to seeing how many show up.


Soon that ride will travel. Its fun to ride other systems. More on that later. Maybe a full report Wednesday.

Moving on. Its been so long since I have had a weekend out of town. The last was for the Fat Bike Birkie in early March. And that was a disaster that had me coming home the next day. Before that I think the last real weekend out was late November. Up in Marquette.
So I am planning something soon I hope. Maybe even before the July 4th weekend.

Im also been thinking of doing some bike packing. Again. Last fall I decided I was never going to do that again and sold almost everything I had in that respect. I still do have my expensive tent, air pad and other camping trinkets. What I dont have is a bike. Racks and bags either.  I'll need to get that stuff again. As far as the actual trip it will be nothing fancy. Short, pretty local. Will keep it simple.

I have a bike in mind but wont say anything until its a done deal. Its more than likely a month out yet.

So thats it for now. Might post on the Tuesday nite ride maybe on Wednesday.


Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Tues Nite Dirt


I really don't plan on posting more than once a week here. I used to post almost everyday. Im going to cut down the number of posts but maybe have a little more content in them.

Back in the day when I had the store I didn't work until 10am so I had a ton of time to hit up the lake before work. Now a days I still do but my extra time is now after work. Someways I do get out of the house early and get a morning on the beach.

So last nite was the first real Tuesday Dirt Ride. It was a good time and I got in almost two hours in the saddle. I hope to take this show on the road soon and visit other trail systems. Everyone always expects me to lead. Sometimes Im a little uncomfortable with that. I was always ascared of going to slow, and now with my current bike, too fast. I can admit that even with an assist bike I still cant go too fast. Which is fine by me. I didn't get that bike to try and beat anybody.
I'll start taking some pics on this ride every week. 

That's about it for this week. Let's see what kind of weekend I have planned.


Monday, June 3, 2019

Another Weekend Report

Saturday in between storms

This weekend you had to stay on your toes. Saturday had huge storms roll in, then sun, then another storm. You need to keep all options open and act in a moments notice.

I played it safe on Saturday and did not pull out a bike. I did have my morning coffee in my fav park tho. Had a hour in between storms. It was a little cool at 52 degrees, down from 82 on Friday.

As I watched this last storm roll in I called it a day and went home. It pretty much rained the rest of the day. But was showing to stop by early evening. In plenty of time to ride in the woods on Sunday.

The pelicans are back. They hang out here about two weeks or so. Just resting up before they continue their journey north I think. I would guess about 200 of then around the lakefront right now.

Sunday morning was much better than the day before. I headed out on some local trails around noon. The sun was out and it was near 60 degrees. Pretty much perfect. No signs of the rain the day before. 

You can tell when the weekends riding window gets smaller. Lots of riders out on the trail. One dude was out on the trails with a full on Walmart bike. By the end of lap one he was walking. A crank arm came loose and was dangling. I never know if I should say something. If he is just cheap then he need to be educated. But if thats all the dude can afford I kinda give him credit for at least being out there. Always a tough call. I explained to him what needs to be done on the bike.

Looks like the weather may hold out for our Tuesday Dirt Ride. Really the first due to last weeks rain out. Should be fun. 

Thats about it this week. 


Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Riding Of Bikes

Had a pretty good weekend of riding. At least Sunday and Monday.

Spring riding is always the best once the trails dry out. Just before the leaves start growing. You can see so far in the woods. And the bugs are still at a minimum.  Everything is so fresh.

Sundays ride was fun. Drove to out local trail system and just tooled around the longest loop. There is a spot about halfway thru where I moved a log along side the trail and stop and sit a spell every time I ride past. Not too far from where I took the above pic.

Trillium's are out!

Both rides this three day weekend were solo and slow. When alone I like to ride slow with my head on a swivel. Stop and smell the Trillium's. Mondays Memorial Day ride was at our most local trails. Since I have rode this park so many times I usually dont go there much anymore but now its my go to ride. I never drive there anymore. Just put the bike on commuter assist and get there in less than 6 minutes. Back the assist down to minimum and get a nice ride in. Just so convenient now for me. Im enjoying these trail once again also.

Having the ebike is great when Im with a bunch of fast guys but also when Im alone. I turn the assist to a minimum and still get in a workout. And I can ride so much longer too. Hours longer. Ive said this a million times but the ebike is the best bike decision I have ever made.

I no longer even want to own a road bike. I'll take the money I was going to spend on a road bike and use it for travel this summer. That sounds like a plan. 

Saturday was a little wet so I just hiked around our local State Park. Saw these guys strutting around. Showing off to each other.

So thats about it for the weekend. Today (Tuesday) is raining and that eliminates out Tuesday Nite Ride. 

I still need to plan a weekend in the northern are of our State. The weather is starting to turn for the better. Hope to ride up there soon.