Monday, October 7, 2013


file foto.
So race weekend has come and gone. Its really all just a big blur to me now. Once the machine starts Friday morn everything just runs into each other and its hard to remember one specific thing.
I do remember all the rain.
For the second year we got hammered with rain.
Right up to 530am Sunday morn. The course was soaked.
But by 9am Sunday the sun actually came out but too little to late and we had to cut the course to save the trails.

Today Im exhausted from the weekend. Mostly mentally. I slept 10 hours last nite and woke up tired. I muddle trying to catch up at the store today. But tomorrow is ride day for me.Cross bike. A long but relaxing ride. Like a recovery ride but I didn't race.

So thats the short story of a long weekend.

And that means Im getting closer to putting an end to this crazy busy fall season. Only one thing left and thats to marry off one of my daughters in two weeks. Just to recap: Ive had "things" going on every other week starting with the mini vaca to Wisc Dells. Then my cross race. Then Vegas and Interbike. Then the MTB race  and finally the wedding. Thats a crazy 10 weeks for me. 

And I can see daylight.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your work on the WORS race. I think your team did the best they could do with conditions. We were in a hotel room and heard the storms early in the morning (5:00 AM) and someone said this is not good and my comment back was it would be worse if it were 9:30 AM. I think your group handled the situation well.