Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Thats my store there across the river. Tuesdays are my long ride days and I happened to spend a couple hours south, then a hour north.
So I snuck past the store passing thru town.

It was one of those rides where you had a lot of time and no where to go. So I tooled around in the woods. Tooled around the city for some urban assault.  Put down 15 miles out in the country roads too.Perfect cross bike ride.

Ended up with almost 3 hours of saddle time. Took a tour of the city park we held our MTB race in on Sunday. Considering we were battling wet conditions it was in pretty good shape.
I was pleasantly surprised to find very little work is needed.

Im really liking the cross bike. But I think its going for sale. And if I do end up selling I will get a Felt carbon frame for Ultegra Di2. Mechanical disc brakes.

Dont get me wrong, the Sram Red 22 hydo stuff is great. And light. But Im just spoiled with the Di2 stuff. Im not going to put it on the floor or anything. Just word of mouth. If I dont sell it thats fine too. I'll keep riding it. Its a nice bike.

Soon the group will be riding in winter mode. All the road bikes get put away. And all the people with cross bikes get them out. And if no cross bike then they ride their MTB. So cross bikes rule until its cold enough to ride on the frozen beach. Then I put away this pretty cross bike and ride my disc trucker tour bike, with all the racking off it.
 Im still bummed I did not use it this year. My so called busy Fall just would not let me. But someday. Im still tossing some stupid idea of a small tour after my daughters wedding, maybe the last week of Oct.
That will be a credit card tour. Hotel only. Too cold for this kid to camp.
Time will tell. If the weather is anything like it is today I'll leave in a heartbeat.

Sunny and 60's. I'll take it. Get outside. The leaves are falling and the clock is ticking.


Monday, October 7, 2013


file foto.
So race weekend has come and gone. Its really all just a big blur to me now. Once the machine starts Friday morn everything just runs into each other and its hard to remember one specific thing.
I do remember all the rain.
For the second year we got hammered with rain.
Right up to 530am Sunday morn. The course was soaked.
But by 9am Sunday the sun actually came out but too little to late and we had to cut the course to save the trails.

Today Im exhausted from the weekend. Mostly mentally. I slept 10 hours last nite and woke up tired. I muddle trying to catch up at the store today. But tomorrow is ride day for me.Cross bike. A long but relaxing ride. Like a recovery ride but I didn't race.

So thats the short story of a long weekend.

And that means Im getting closer to putting an end to this crazy busy fall season. Only one thing left and thats to marry off one of my daughters in two weeks. Just to recap: Ive had "things" going on every other week starting with the mini vaca to Wisc Dells. Then my cross race. Then Vegas and Interbike. Then the MTB race  and finally the wedding. Thats a crazy 10 weeks for me. 

And I can see daylight.


Thursday, October 3, 2013


For now the tenth day in a row I have rode. This mornings MTB ride was a soft peddle. And some days thats not a bad thing. Tooling around this weekend's race course, for about the 750th time, had me just looking around at stuff.
Stuff you normally would not see.
It funny how sometime you run right next to a part that you were on 15 minutes ago and never know it.

Tomorrow it will all start for me. I will have help running the store and will be running errands all morning, and start marking the course around noon.
And for the most part will not stop except to sleep until Sunday at 6pm.
Pretty much no posting.

I did get one of Treks Fatbikes in. Frameset only cuz I like to build my bikes. And this one is mine.
Ive got big plans for it. But that will have to wait until next week like everything else.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Yesterday. 1029am
Today when I ride after work, will be the 8th day in a row I swung a leg over a bike. The riding streak just seems to keep on going.
But that streak will come to an end I think when the race prep ramps up. And that really starts tomorrow afternoon.
So a morning ride will be in order. Now that I open at 11am it seems so much easier to ride and still get stuff done in time to open.

Im considering opening at noon.

Yesterdays cross ride was a classic. One of those rides when you did not need to be back at any specific time. I just tooled around for almost 3 hours.Stopped in my Happy Place and hit the lake at a few other spots too. I even threw in a few intervals. You know I was feeling good to do that.
Im looking forward to more of those rides soon.

And it has to be soon. The trees have started to turn here. To me its a bittersweet feeling. Soon the trees will be peak, but after that its all gone. I would think Northern Wisco is close to peak right now.
And that means game on. And whoever can spend the most time outside wins. And in that respect I intend not to lose.

Although I do have some obstacles in the way. Of course, the race this weekend puts me outside but I wont have a minute to myself. Once thats over, I have a week until my daughters wedding. Thats a big deal. My wife will spend a lot of time on that and will be unavailable for travel. So I hope this weather holds for awhile yet. It looks like I wont be heading out of town for fall for quite some time. End of the month.
So I hope this fall thing waits for me. Another three weeks.

I wont be holding my breath.