Friday, September 6, 2013


Its already Friday. Got a million things to do for the race tomorrow. And just confirmed its a 50% chance for rain.
Now Im officially freaking out. If in fact it is raining in the morn would be a catastrophe for the race.

As far as finances, its been on the bubble for two years now. If it does rain and bike attendance takes a hit I will for sure lose money and that could be the end of this deal.

Most of the attendance comes from the south. Milwaukee Madison. Its a long drive up here from where all the other races in the series are. Im kinda the red headed step child in the series.

So if it rains Im done for. Just another element to add to the stress level.

To leave on a better note, the mornings on the beach this week have been spectacular. Cool breeze, warm sun. Hope this continues.

I guess looking forward, right past the weekend, next up is Interbike 10 days after my race Saturday. So thats something to look forward to.

But not until this weekend is over. I better get back to my huge list of stuff to do. Have a great weekend!


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