Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Just a quickie before I fly to Vegas in a few hours. This is my fourth trip to Interbike. Im not a big fan of the show. In fact I will spend less than 4 hours total there. Im not a big fan of the city.
Most of my time is spent out of town.

I'll hit the show a bit Wednesday, then its CrossVegas Wednesday nite. I get there early. I dont want to miss on wheel on the course. 

CrossVegas is really the highlite of of trip and my main reason for going. Then Thursday I think a ride over to the Dam. I have not seen the bridge there yet. Thursday nite is some national crit on the hotel grounds. I saw a crit there my first year to the show. It sucked and never came back. Until now. Will see I guess. Friday I fly back but dont leave until 6pm so that day we will spend on the strip. Shopping or whatever. Im borrowing a Chromebook to stay online during. Maybe even a post or two. I will for sure post a few pics from my phone at Crossvegas.  Its going to be a fast four days. And starts in two hours.


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