Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Post with no bikes. No bike races.

The mornings in my happy place are nothing short of spectacular these days. Today was coffee and a blueberry muffin. Its warm out. Might get up to 90 today.

The kids are in school so the park slows now during the week. As if on cue, my work (I didn't mention what I do) also slows. I now start at 11 after Labor Day so I have an extra hour in the morning to do what I love to do ( what would that be?).

Some trees have a hint of color in them. The best time of the year is close. Soon Fall will be here and for me its the best time of the year to get outside (and do whatever). 
This time of year is the first wave of when my business slows. And thats kinda bittersweet and in a way welcomed. In the next two months I will do what I love to do outside the most out of any time of year. Several weekends out of town hopefully. Many mornings spent outside with that extra hour I granted myself. I owe me.

My ship spotting hobby has been non existent as it is every summer. The big ships run down the middle of Michigan during the easy months. I still track them. By November they will be running closer to shore and I will start seeing them again. Maybe I'll see one doing what I like to do in the winter on the frozen beaches of Lake Michigan.

But I wont get ahead of the seasons.
Bring on Fall! And all that it represents.


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