Tuesday, September 3, 2013


845am Beautiful morning.

I'll start by saying I had 6 hours in the saddle this weekend. Saturday was a solo ride before work. And was interrupted by a bee or wasp (I did not really see it) flying into my mouth. before I could spit it out it stung me both on the gum and lip. I have never felt so much pain from a sting as that one on my gum. I teared up. It hurt.
Then, I started to feel the swelling. Like when you went to the dentist. I was about 30 minutes from the store so I put my head down and peddled not knowing how bad this was going to get. After about 15 minutes the pain started to subside but I could feel my skin getting tighter around my lower lip. To make a long store short I had a fat lip for about two hours.

Sunday was a rare group ride(for me). I joined a group that rode the 27 miles to Port Washington for lunch. Round trip was 54 miles. And sadly was the second longest ride of the summer for me. Very good conversation and good times. Thanks to all for inviting me.

Sunday I once again headed out with Steve D for another two hours. Decent pace. At least for riding the 20 pound cross bike on the road.

Today I stand just days away from my cross race and that will consume me until that day. On paper everything looks like a go. Just need to coordinate a set up crew and I think Im good. I hope so.

Park visit was nice this morn. Kids are in school and its much quieter. I get my bench back in the mornings now. Soon the park will be a ghost town.
And thats when I move back in...


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