Wednesday, September 18, 2013


1030pm Fremont St

We landed at 6pm in Vegas. I hate flying. Stuck in a tin can for almost 4 hours. I struggle with sitting for that long. I try to sleep or just rest but to no avail.

We did make good time after we landed with getting our rental car and checking into the Excalibur. We then settled in and since we have a pretty busy schedule I decided to head over to Fremont St. The old strip.
This is where you find a majority of the weirdos. There are two types of people there. The weirdos and the ones looking at the weirdos. This area is not quite as polished as the new strip. Lots of homeless show up there. Lots of street performers. Most of them pretty bad. To me its a completely different culture. Too many people. Im usually pretty uncomfortable down there.

After two hours we drove back to the hotel. And dont get me started on the driving here. Actually Im pretty good at it as you need to drive pretty aggressive. I can do that.

This morn we are prepping to hit the show in a few hours. Then out for some lunch, back to the show. Then back to the room for a bit and then CrossVegas.
My reason for putting up with all this shit.
I cant wait.


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