Friday, September 13, 2013

HAYWARD (with links)

Hayward 2012
As everyone leaves for the Chequamegon 40 up in Hayward this weekend I pretty much wish like hell I was going back up. I had a great time there last year. The cabin was awesome.
Got to ride and race. And then chill.

Sitting on the deck of the cabin at nite with a beer. Listening to the coyotes.

I would have loved to do that again. Ive only been to Hayward,WI twice and its already a top two destination for me (just behind Marquette,MI) and I will for sure get there again. The FatBike Birke was once again announced for March 8th 2014. And I wont let that one slip away.
Although the chances of staying at Telemark are slim.  With it most likely to die a slow death. Sad.

However, in just three short days I will be jetting to Vegas. It would have been tough to do both Hayward and Vegas. Just home from one and leave the next. So I'll And thats whats on my mind today. That, and my big riding plans this weekend. Smallish cross ride in morn. 20 miles and coffee. Then this WEMS race at 3pm.
I know Ive said I have retired from racing but I'll pull a Brett Favre on this to race this one. More like ride. Its put on by a great bunch of people. I'll have fun.
So thats my weekend. 


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