Friday, September 27, 2013


My God the mornings have been pretty much glorious and I have rode two hours before the store opens three days in a row now.

Another cross ride today. Pretty sure Im going to park the MTB for the most part. I will ride it a few times yet but really the cross bike is singing to me now.

Today I had three others join in. All cross bikes.

For the most part I am knee deep in our WORS race. Its really just a week away and I am now in the time where I get scared cuz I have nothing to do. I think everything is covered. So all I do is sit around and wonder if I missed something. And thats kinda a awful feeling.

But thing seem to be all on the up and up and I should relax.

I have scheduled myself all weekend alone in the store. Its kinda my turn anyway. And this will be the last Sunday open. Will be on full winter hours starting next week. Which means more time to ride.
I cant remember the last time I rode three days in a row. Its been months.

Even with working all weekend I'll get something in both days. Saturday before work, Sunday after.

Have a good weekend.


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