Tuesday, September 24, 2013


The temps got to me.
How much do I dislike Vegas?
A lot.

Every year that I attend the show I have to mentally prep myself. I realize that the strip is not the only way it is here. People get the perception that the awful two miles or so that is the strip is Vegas and I guess for visits like this one it is. If the tons of people don't get me the temps will. Both make me very uncomfortable.

But I always get a rental car, even tho its such a pain to drive here. We use it to get out.

Every year we find a destination to go to. One year it was Zion National Park. One year it was Death Valley. We did not have the time to do a full day so we just drove to the dam.
Last time we were there was 2009 and the bridge was not even done yet. The view from the bridge is pretty cool.

Pic from bridge

But that was pretty much only half a day. So we drove around the city. Not the strip but in the city. And even if you pull the strip out no way could I live here. Way too much brown. Brown houses, sheds, rocks and hills. Everything brown. No green. I need green.

Again, if it were not for the cross race I would not go. Or if I did I would hit the show for a morning, then get out and only come back when my flight leaves. There is a few nice things to see 4 hours or less drive away.

Anyway, Vegas is not my cup of tea and Im very uncomfortable during the visit. Today, in Wisco, its a nice temp out, the sun is shining and Im glad I live in Wisconsin.


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