Friday, September 20, 2013


Huge wood berm.

So. The reason I come out here. CrossVegas.

The energy here is umatched at any cycling event I have ever attended. I missed last year but the additions to the race was off the hook. 2 flyovers. This wooden berm. 4 sets of barriers which 3 were easily hoppable. 2 huge screens so you can watch whats going on all over.

Sven Nys pretty much schooled everyone. Several other riders had the fitness but none could match his skills. He was hopping stuff wide open in the big ring.
It was a spectacle to see.

Besides Sven there were a few other Belgium's there. They ran around 5th or so.
Powers was a distant second. Kabush third.

As much as I hate Vegas I would put up with this crap every time to see this event.
Besides the main events. They have category's where dealers and vender's can race.  Before the pro's run. Its always fun to watch all the schenenigans and the issues that a 160 bike mass start possess.
Lots of beer and bacon.

I had poor Internet reception at the hotel. Im typing this Friday at 6pm. Waiting for my flight home.
I can wait to get out of this damn heat. I need Wisconsin.


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