Monday, September 9, 2013


Sunday @ 515pm

I could write a ton here. Sometimes finding enough to write about is a problem. But sometimes you have too much to say. Its hard to condense it all down to a few paragraphs. I'll try.

The cross race went well. Thanks to all for coming  Thanks to all for helping. We were up 40 bikes from last year and thats a success.
There, hows that for condensing.
But really it was a long day and tons of fun. The weather held off. At the end of the day I was physically and mentally drained but still smiling.

The pic here is from my recovery ride on Sunday. Race directing is strenuous  I needed some recovery. Im resting my bike on a old raft that was in the local swimming hole I went to as a teenager. The cross race has the riders running over it. I pushed a lot of girls off that raft back in my childhood. The race is held in that same park. Being able to make it part of my race was just cool. The bike? The Crockett is up and running. Sram Red 22 Hydro brakes and driveline. Its light. But hard to tune as in any high end road Sram stuff.
The bike is racing fast. Turns fast. A little too fast for me.
Really, I love a good cross bike. I ride them a lot. But I dont race. I just tool around on them. This is the first cross bike I have rode (and I have rode many) that I can notice the aggressive race geometry. It lets you turn tight. And fast. Its a pure race geometry frame.
And if a fat,old,bald guy like me can notice it then its really there.

But since I dont race I'll just tool it around. Like I always do. Its still does that well also.

Now, that race is out of the way and I set my sights on Interbike in 8 days. Im looking forward to a little R and R. And Crossvegas.
More on that later.


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