Monday, September 16, 2013



Nice morning in my happy place. Cool temps. Sun out.

Had a big day on the bike Saturday but really over did it a bit (now when have I been know to overdo anything?) and got a bit blown out.

Nice 2 hour ride Saturday morn to breakfast. Cross bikes. Woods and road. That pretty much how its going to be from now on. Took a few hours off and then drove to the WEMS race as planned.

I went onto this race with a laid back attitude and its showed immediately  Very not prepared. And it all went bad from the get go as we had to Lemans start and run to our bikes 50 years away. That 50 yards pretty much doubled my running mileage from the last two years. So... it started bad and continued. I floundered for two laps and wanted to hang it up but decided to soft peddle one more lap for fun. It was not.
About half way thru the lap it turned into a death march. I was blown out. I fell pretty hard. And got lapped by most of the field. I finished truly DFL.

Pretty sure I mentioned before I have a meager 3 point criteria to a good race.
1) Do not finish DFL
2) Pass someone, anyone in the last lap.
3) Do not fall down.
I did not hit even one of those. Limping to the car I changed clothes and left. Tired and sore.
Good thing it was raining on Sunday norn cuz no way could I even get out of bed.

I need to pick my battles better. I need to stick to a 50 min WORS citizen race. Next to last years Chequamegon this was the second longest race I did at 2 hours 15 min. I cant do that anymore. I need to be smarter next time I come out of retirement (cuz Im back in for now).

With that out of the way I turn my thoughts to Interbike.

I fly out in the morn. Back really late Firday. Right now the stress level is once again up as Im trying to get all the ordering done here at the store, tie up all loose ends. I most likely will not relax until Im on the plane winging west. I love heading west.

I cant believe CrossVegas is in two days. Im pretty exited!

As usual, Im taking a notebook out with me for maybe a post or two. And I'll try to post a quickie in the morning but Im planning a small morning ride so that might not be possible. I also need to work on our MTB race thats up in three short weeks. Will be most likely doing some of that from Vegas.

So not sure when the next post comes.....


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