Monday, August 5, 2013

WEEKEND (Im down to two bikes)

Last Thursday. MTB time!
Not a bad weekend for riding. Saturday me and a few guys put in 40 miles with a stop for coffee. The Felt F1 is now gone and Im on my old cross bike for any type of road riding.
Off come the 34c tires and on with  roadie rubber. 
Its still almost 20 pounds and no way would I keep up in the local group ride but as I mentioned before its go time on the MTB's anyway.

Sunday I did one of my favourite rides. Since it was not my weekend to work I took the Superfly home with me on Saturday. I then grabbed that MTB and rode the 15 minutes of road to the local trails. Spend about an hour and a half there, then road ride the 15 minutes to the store.

Switch bikes to the roadie cross bike (dont even have to change shoes) and ride out to the park (after hanging out in the store a bit). Hit the park and flippit back to the store (about a hour's ride) and hang out for a bit. Then ride the roadie cross bike home.
All in all I was in the saddle 3 hours 20 min.
I'll call that a good day. A good weekend really.

So here I am in the store way too early. Mondays after I dont work the weekend are a bitch. Mostly ordering. Trying to figure out what all the little notes on my desk mean. It takes awhile to get up to speed.
And then there the fact that Im out Thursday and heading to my new favorite town, Marquette, MI. So its a four day week for me. Last week was a three day week. And its all catching up to me.
Better get going.



Anonymous said...

Oh my God! You had to ride a 20lb carbon fiber bike on the road. How did you do it? Wow...give yourself a medal.

Dan Dittrich said...

I make due. But I couldn't sleep well that night thinking about it.