Friday, August 2, 2013


Back home late yesterday. Mini vacations are mentally tough to do. As soon as you get it through your head your on vacation you have to turn around and come back. It takes me a full day to decompress. By then its too late.

I'll take mini vacations again, but maybe a destination not so far away. Feels like it was almost a full day of driving round trip.

The weather was nice. I did not get to ride a whole lot. We did get to the Bearskin trail on Wednesday for an hour, and I rode the Raven trails Thursday morn for an hour. Other than that it was eating, drinking and just hanging out. Overall not a bad time.

Raven Trails.
I have not been on my Superfly a lot and that's my fault. With the selling of my F1 roadie I was trying to get some extra miles on it. On Wednesday I was riding it on the Bearskin and I realized I just have not fitted it for me yet and it felt like crap. Everything was out of place. I'll need to dial that in soon. I plan on spending more time on that bike now that the roadie is gone. I'll have it fine tuned in no time.

I better, because in 7 days I leave for my new favorite vacation town  Marquette  MI to do the Ore 2 Shore. Its crazy how fast this summer is going, since summer has been here only for about 4 weeks so far. And Im pretty sure I am no where near race weight. Whatever. Im never about the results anyway. If I finish feeling good that good enough for me. Last year my time was 1 hour 52 min. I guess thats a mark I can shoot for. I guess I better get that Superfly in the woods soon, but even tho that race is on MTB's, its not a MTB race. Its pretty much a road race. Little to no single track. But is still fun. I pump my tires full of air, get in a aerotuck and TT down the roads pretty well.

This weekend Im off so I'll get some riding in at some point. Superfly for sure. Sunday I think. Tomorrow morn I'll hit some quick road miles with the cross bike. I slapped on some skinny tires to use the bike on the road. Its good enough to close the season with. And I should have a new cross bike coming before the end of the month anyway.

Its going to be a crazy few months for me. Starting with next weekend's race,then my cross race, Interbike in Vegas, our MTB race and a daughter getting married in Oct. Cripes.
And I still want to throw a short bike tour in there somewhere. As I sit here, it feels like the calm before the storm.
Have a good weekend.


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