Monday, August 12, 2013


Im about 300 bikes back.

Back early from da UP. Was supposed to be back late Sunday but came home late Saturday. Its just a little weird going up by myself. I had a tough time filling time. I left Friday morn, got 30 minutes down the road and remembered I left my helmet on the counter. That kinda set the whole weekend. After an hour effort to retrieve it I was once again making headway. I love the drive up to Marquette. Very scenic.
I arrived and checked into my hotel, dressed to ride and headed to ride the course backwards as most people do. Met Jon H and Peter H (no relation) and we rode the course. Afterwards Jon wanted to head over to the south trails of Marquette Mountain and I reluctantly agreed.
That was a mistake. He took me up Benson Grade which is close to the longest climb I have ever done on a MTB. That, the day before a race, was a mistake. I went as slow as I could but knew it would effect me in the morning. To some degree anyway.

Bike worked perfectly
The race was uneventful I guess. Which was a good thing. I passed people, people passed me. All in all it met my criteria of a good race. I have three.
1) dont take last in age
2) dont crash
3) pass somebody on last lap
I did all three even tho there were no laps I passed three people that I can remember in the last mile. I finished 4 minutes faster than last year at 1 hour 55 minutes. Placed 313 from last years 308 (out of a little over 1000)

And Sunday morn I sure could feel it. I cant remember ever being this devastated from a race. Everything hurts. I guess thats what age brings.

After the race on Saturday I went back to my room, which I had till Sunday morn, cleaned up and rested till about 3pm. Then I took some time in town. To my suprise, 3 different ships came to Marquette's port. So I did have some time to kill with them.

With the biggest being the James Barker. Stopping to unload coal to the power plant. Its a big one. It takes a long time to off load a ship load of coal. Or whatever.

But even my new hobby could not keep me in town. Even tho I had a room paid for the nite, I decided to pull the plug around 5pm Saturday nite and come home. Just did not pay to stick around just to sleep. And I was way too sore to ride at all. So I came home and slept in my own bed.

I guess I will call the race a success. Maybe by default. Finishing four minutes up from last year was a plus but I think that was due to a faster course. Im sure many came in sooner than thought. Im pretty sure Im in pretty bad race shape. And of course the effort Friday afternoon did not help much.

So the race was good but the weekend just was short. And thats fine.
My next time off is in a month when I travel to Interbike. And I have my cross race to put on in between. So Im going to be busy.

Here now on Monday my hip is still hurting me a ton and I think thats going to be a recurring problem along with my shot knee. Really hurts to walk. More so after the race.
Getting old aint' for sissies.


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