Thursday, August 8, 2013


last year
So today Im in the store very early trying to get things set up for the weekend. Orders sent and pre received.

I had planned on leaving tonite but it looks like early morn. I love the drive up to Marquette. Up the west side of Green Bay (the bay, not the city). Id rather do it in daylight.

As far as the race go's. Its a fast race. Not much single track. I installed a separate lockout lever on my rear shock just for this race. I usually never lock out the rear. But really do not need it here. A roadie race for sure.

I guess I have no real expectations. I would like to beat last years time but I think I was in pretty good riding shape then. Not so much today. This time I get to start quite a bit farther up from last years end of the line. That might help. I always play down results but if I beat last year I would feel better I guess. If I dont I wont beat myself up.

I'll be heading up myself. Going solo this weekend. And thats fine. I'll preride the last few miles on Friday. Maybe twice. I'll bring the cross\road bike for maybe a little bike path ride Friday nite. Race Saturday morn. Then decide if I want to hang around or maybe take a drive around the U.P. Should be a good weekend. I'll have the netbook so maybe a post from up there....
Have a good weekend.


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