Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Im sure you have figured out that the pic is a file foto. But that stuff is going thru my head as I type. In retail you work far ahead of the times.

So today Im focused on winter product. Which is pretty much cross country ski's and fat bikes.

My initial order of Treks Farley is 5 bikes. My initial order of 9zero7 is also 5 bikes. One carbon. Wonder who will be the rider on that machine?

Clothing too. This look into the crystal ball is hard to do. At least the first few years I was in biz. Now I have some history to fall back on. But this winter gig is so weather driven that you could do everything right and have it all wrong. I definitely play it conservative in that respect. Im not good at gambling.

So yesterday, after limping around for a weeks decided to lay off the  racing. Today, I woke up to no pain whatsoever. Hip feels fine. What the hell.

Still, I no longer have the need to see how fast I can ride my bike. I keep thinking back to O2S and now Im sure I was just going thru the motions during the race. I was riding just to finish and I do not remember ever thinking I was having a good time doing it. I dont know. I have a bad memory. Maybe I did have fun during. Whatever.
If I was ever to do a WORS race it would be next week. And Im out of town next week so this could be the second straight year with no WORS races. I for sure do not see any races this year anymore.

Which could give me some time to pull a Favre and un retire.
Maybe I'll retire when Jens retires.....
Maybe I should just say "shut up hip".


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