Tuesday, August 13, 2013



Im still pretty amazed at the pictures I can take with my phone. I really like this one. Its a keeper. I delete hundreds of these pics. Almost all taken within 30 yards of each other in the park.

Yesterday was one of those day when you get back from a few days off and you never catch up. Was in the store from 8am to 8pm. Never left. And Im still working on it this morn.

Tomorrow I will head to Madison for Treks dealer convention, or Trekworld as they call it. I wont spend a lot of time there. Just will take the time to look over the 2014 product lines. Its pretty nice stuff.

On a more personal note, Im a bit bummed out. Since the race Saturday my left hip is hurting quite a bit and I know whats going on. Its been coming around for a year now.
I already know I have a right knee thats unrepairable and need replacement. I have had only one cortisone shot and it hurts but I have been tolerating the pain. Now my left hip is following suit.
The reason I left Marquette early is that it was hurting me a ton. Hard to walk. Today, on Tuesday, it still is a pain, but not as much as after the race on Saturday.
Even with my knee, Ive not used any drugs for the pain. No ibuprofen or anything. But as I get older its harder to hold off. So I am on the the next stage of this mess. I cant get thru the day without a few vitamin I's in me.
That go's for both hip and knee.
My riding is now affected. I no longer can keep up with the group I have been riding in for years. I guess Im at a crossroad and need to decide whether to tolerate it or spend the huge amount of time and money to fix it.
My mind is far from made up.
And that is what my Tuesday is all about.



Scott said...

Dano- Please take a close look at the new SC 7 series for me...it might be moving toward the top of my list!


Dan Dittrich said...

Your just getting my hopes up......