Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Since I missed last year Im getting pumped for Interbike. Flights, hotel and car are booked.

I spend a relatively short time in the actual show. Maybe 5 hours max all week. Maybe more this year as its been revamped. On paper it sure looks like they improved it.

But my real reason to go is CrossVegas. Its a spectacle that should be on your bucket list. Tons of Euro's will be there. Sven Nys this year among others. All the top US riders. All of them. Ten thousand spectators.

Some of the top riders go for fun. Last time I was there in 2011 Danny Summerhill was going out of his way for dollar bills. I think he got off his bike once to pick them up off the ground....
But most are there to race. Ive been to three of them so far. This will be my fourth time.

Small video from 2011. Its like this for a hour.

Besides the pro's they have a no category race for dealers and manufacturers. This race is over 200 riders strong. At one time. Carnage and beer all over the place.  Anyway.. like I said. Bucket list this thing.

Its four short weeks away and I have my own cross race to deal with in between. Things are going well for that I guess. All the paperwork is in place. I have all the stakes and tape ready to go. Still working on schwag and awards. I'll post more on this stuff later.


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