Friday, August 23, 2013


Awesome morning on the beach. Its such a great way to start my day. Warm sun, slight breeze and good coffee. I stay as long as I can. The longer Im there the fuller my batterys get.

Yesterday I started off with a morning MTB ride. This was the first time I sat on that thing since Ore to Shore some 12 days ago. With that weekend being somewhat of a bummer for me I lost the taste for the woods a bit. I kinda took it out on the bike. Yesterday I had fun on it. While Im still thinking more of a trail bike I still can have fun on the Superfly.
It was super humid yesterday. Like almost 100%. I rode for a bit over an hour in the woods and I was as soaked as if it was raining. I had to leave the phone in the car cuz by the pic you can see it was wet too.
Today, Im here to open she store and then Im out for another two hours on the road. Its just such a nice day out and I cant let that stuff slip thru my fingers.
Tomorrow, on Saturday, I'll get another two hours on the road, but then late afternoon Im out for 4 days on a small family vacation with the kids and grandkids. No bikes. Back on Tuesday.
So not sure on the posting but I will have my netbook with me if I find the time.

Check out this rig.
Its been parked (moored in boat terms) down from the store.

Thats a few million for sure. The boat is from Florida. They have been out for awhile now.

So thats about it for a few days.


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