Thursday, August 29, 2013


My posting schedule is all screwed up. Its  I was out getting some family time in as we spent 3 full days at Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells. Its hard to believe that its Thursday and I went almost an entire week from posting. But time off is time off. Spent some quality time with the kids and grandkids. With absolutely no bikes involved.

The resort is huge. And really not my kind of thing. So many people. Everywhere. But the kids and especially the grandkids liked it and it was nice to get away and do something different.

If you read this blog you are most likely into biking pretty deep like I am. Its my hobby and my business  And sometimes thats a problem.

Sometimes you need to get away from even your hobby. I know some people or even some couples that ride a lot. They go away on weekends to ride. Take a day trip to ride. Head up north to race and\or ride.
And nothing else.

You know of any couple who found each other while riding? And pretty much only ride. They cant take a weekend alone without the bike. I see it in the store all the time. If they went on even a weekend out of town without the bikes they would be lost. They would not know what to do. Since its my business I need some time away from this every once in a while.

Not just the store but bikes in general. Just relax and forget about life for awhile. So even tho the last few days would not have been my personal choice of things to do, it was nice to hang with the fam and forget about bikes for a few days.
Anyway, thats what Ive been doing the last bunch of days.

That said, Im prepping for a ride as soon as another person gets to the store.
Business as usual.


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