Friday, August 30, 2013


815 am

Its a typical Friday. Im alone in the store all day. Its going to be hot today.

As of this morn Im all caught up in the store from being out 4 days. My office is a mess. And that means its back to normal.

As in every Friday I plan a weekend of riding. Saturday, road ride to coffee, then work. Sunday is a road ride for lunch with a group. Its been like forever that I rode with "the group". Should be fun.

On my mind ongoing is the one week away cross race I put on. Im pretty sure I have things taken care of. I wont start to panic till Wednesday.

I am in what one would call a busy period. Which started last week with the fam vaca. Then a week off and my cross race, then a week off and then Interbike Vegas. Then a week off and the WORS MTB race. Then a week off and then I marry off one of my daughters. That takes me right to Oct 20th. I think Im open after that.

In my mind its one thing at a time. Vacation down, next is cross race. One thing at a time. Concentrate.

Get out side this weekend.


Thursday, August 29, 2013


My posting schedule is all screwed up. Its  I was out getting some family time in as we spent 3 full days at Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells. Its hard to believe that its Thursday and I went almost an entire week from posting. But time off is time off. Spent some quality time with the kids and grandkids. With absolutely no bikes involved.

The resort is huge. And really not my kind of thing. So many people. Everywhere. But the kids and especially the grandkids liked it and it was nice to get away and do something different.

If you read this blog you are most likely into biking pretty deep like I am. Its my hobby and my business  And sometimes thats a problem.

Sometimes you need to get away from even your hobby. I know some people or even some couples that ride a lot. They go away on weekends to ride. Take a day trip to ride. Head up north to race and\or ride.
And nothing else.

You know of any couple who found each other while riding? And pretty much only ride. They cant take a weekend alone without the bike. I see it in the store all the time. If they went on even a weekend out of town without the bikes they would be lost. They would not know what to do. Since its my business I need some time away from this every once in a while.

Not just the store but bikes in general. Just relax and forget about life for awhile. So even tho the last few days would not have been my personal choice of things to do, it was nice to hang with the fam and forget about bikes for a few days.
Anyway, thats what Ive been doing the last bunch of days.

That said, Im prepping for a ride as soon as another person gets to the store.
Business as usual.


Friday, August 23, 2013


Awesome morning on the beach. Its such a great way to start my day. Warm sun, slight breeze and good coffee. I stay as long as I can. The longer Im there the fuller my batterys get.

Yesterday I started off with a morning MTB ride. This was the first time I sat on that thing since Ore to Shore some 12 days ago. With that weekend being somewhat of a bummer for me I lost the taste for the woods a bit. I kinda took it out on the bike. Yesterday I had fun on it. While Im still thinking more of a trail bike I still can have fun on the Superfly.
It was super humid yesterday. Like almost 100%. I rode for a bit over an hour in the woods and I was as soaked as if it was raining. I had to leave the phone in the car cuz by the pic you can see it was wet too.
Today, Im here to open she store and then Im out for another two hours on the road. Its just such a nice day out and I cant let that stuff slip thru my fingers.
Tomorrow, on Saturday, I'll get another two hours on the road, but then late afternoon Im out for 4 days on a small family vacation with the kids and grandkids. No bikes. Back on Tuesday.
So not sure on the posting but I will have my netbook with me if I find the time.

Check out this rig.
Its been parked (moored in boat terms) down from the store.

Thats a few million for sure. The boat is from Florida. They have been out for awhile now.

So thats about it for a few days.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Since I missed last year Im getting pumped for Interbike. Flights, hotel and car are booked.

I spend a relatively short time in the actual show. Maybe 5 hours max all week. Maybe more this year as its been revamped. On paper it sure looks like they improved it.

But my real reason to go is CrossVegas. Its a spectacle that should be on your bucket list. Tons of Euro's will be there. Sven Nys this year among others. All the top US riders. All of them. Ten thousand spectators.

Some of the top riders go for fun. Last time I was there in 2011 Danny Summerhill was going out of his way for dollar bills. I think he got off his bike once to pick them up off the ground....
But most are there to race. Ive been to three of them so far. This will be my fourth time.

Small video from 2011. Its like this for a hour.

Besides the pro's they have a no category race for dealers and manufacturers. This race is over 200 riders strong. At one time. Carnage and beer all over the place.  Anyway.. like I said. Bucket list this thing.

Its four short weeks away and I have my own cross race to deal with in between. Things are going well for that I guess. All the paperwork is in place. I have all the stakes and tape ready to go. Still working on schwag and awards. I'll post more on this stuff later.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Im sure you have figured out that the pic is a file foto. But that stuff is going thru my head as I type. In retail you work far ahead of the times.

So today Im focused on winter product. Which is pretty much cross country ski's and fat bikes.

My initial order of Treks Farley is 5 bikes. My initial order of 9zero7 is also 5 bikes. One carbon. Wonder who will be the rider on that machine?

Clothing too. This look into the crystal ball is hard to do. At least the first few years I was in biz. Now I have some history to fall back on. But this winter gig is so weather driven that you could do everything right and have it all wrong. I definitely play it conservative in that respect. Im not good at gambling.

So yesterday, after limping around for a weeks decided to lay off the  racing. Today, I woke up to no pain whatsoever. Hip feels fine. What the hell.

Still, I no longer have the need to see how fast I can ride my bike. I keep thinking back to O2S and now Im sure I was just going thru the motions during the race. I was riding just to finish and I do not remember ever thinking I was having a good time doing it. I dont know. I have a bad memory. Maybe I did have fun during. Whatever.
If I was ever to do a WORS race it would be next week. And Im out of town next week so this could be the second straight year with no WORS races. I for sure do not see any races this year anymore.

Which could give me some time to pull a Favre and un retire.
Maybe I'll retire when Jens retires.....
Maybe I should just say "shut up hip".


Monday, August 19, 2013


Actually had a pretty good riding weekend. Got in two hours on Friday, two and a half on Saturday and almost two on Sunday.
All road.

As I sit here today my thoughts turn to the lack of MTBing on my mind. My mediocre time up in O2S. While I had a good race my body was telling me to stop this.

And here just over a week later Im starting to listen. Ive been bummed out of late with all the pain of getting old on the bike. And as I arrived to the store this morn Ive made the decision to pretty much ditch the MTB racing. Not that I did a lot of it. And if I did the WORS thing it would only be a 50 minute race compared to almost two hours of Ore to Shore.

But it just does not appeal to me anymore.
So I think I will sell my Superfly. Yeah. The 2014 9.9 that I had less than a month. Now, its not that Im ditching MTBing altogether. Just going a different direction. I have already spec'd out a EX 9.9
Gone is the lower travel and super aggressive race geometry. When I was in Marquette a few weeks ago we rode some trails that were pretty technical. The over the top geometry of the Superfly pretty much tried to throw me over the bars several times. And while I would give up the climbing of the Superfly (I sucked at that anyway) I would love to just drop the seat and ride that stuff. More travel is more fun. Just a bit slower on the ups, way more fun on the downs.

So I think that is the route I will take. Kind of a bummer to get rid of the Superfly so soon. But its time to move in the next chapter of my off road experience.

Its like this. But Project One green.

Bring it on.


Thursday, August 15, 2013


Treks Crockett CX disc in the house
So yesterday I spent some time looking at new Trek bikes. Some nice stuff. In the past, they always held off releasing new stuff and the show was the first time we would see new equipment. Now, they release stuff as its available and for the most part I have already seen all the good stuff prior to the show. I like that better anyways.
In fact even having some of it in house with my 2014 9.9Sl Superfly.

Then the release of the new Crockett cross bike just two days old. In fact, I already have a frameset in store. When I saw that new disc specific bike on Monday I called Waterloo and begged like a little kid. They had 5 framesets in hand. I got one. So now for the most fun I can have in my store.
The bike build.
The slate is clean. Possibilities endless.

After going thru all options in my head I made up my mind after talking to the Shimano guys yesterday at Trekworld.

Its Ultegra Di2. 11speed. 1 by 11 in fact. The shifters will be programed to shift up the cassette on the left and down on the right. How cool is that.
Brakes? Hydraulic. Yup. Di2 hydraulic levers. Not gonna be here till late November tho.
Totally worth the wait.
In the mean time Im ordering a complete 10 speed Ultegra Di2 compact system. Right now they are pretty cheap. Post, stem and bars are going to be Shimano's PRO lineup.
Easton wheels.
However, I reserve the right to change my mind at any time.
In fact I plan on it.
The parts cannot arrive fast enough.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013



Im still pretty amazed at the pictures I can take with my phone. I really like this one. Its a keeper. I delete hundreds of these pics. Almost all taken within 30 yards of each other in the park.

Yesterday was one of those day when you get back from a few days off and you never catch up. Was in the store from 8am to 8pm. Never left. And Im still working on it this morn.

Tomorrow I will head to Madison for Treks dealer convention, or Trekworld as they call it. I wont spend a lot of time there. Just will take the time to look over the 2014 product lines. Its pretty nice stuff.

On a more personal note, Im a bit bummed out. Since the race Saturday my left hip is hurting quite a bit and I know whats going on. Its been coming around for a year now.
I already know I have a right knee thats unrepairable and need replacement. I have had only one cortisone shot and it hurts but I have been tolerating the pain. Now my left hip is following suit.
The reason I left Marquette early is that it was hurting me a ton. Hard to walk. Today, on Tuesday, it still is a pain, but not as much as after the race on Saturday.
Even with my knee, Ive not used any drugs for the pain. No ibuprofen or anything. But as I get older its harder to hold off. So I am on the the next stage of this mess. I cant get thru the day without a few vitamin I's in me.
That go's for both hip and knee.
My riding is now affected. I no longer can keep up with the group I have been riding in for years. I guess Im at a crossroad and need to decide whether to tolerate it or spend the huge amount of time and money to fix it.
My mind is far from made up.
And that is what my Tuesday is all about.


Monday, August 12, 2013


Im about 300 bikes back.

Back early from da UP. Was supposed to be back late Sunday but came home late Saturday. Its just a little weird going up by myself. I had a tough time filling time. I left Friday morn, got 30 minutes down the road and remembered I left my helmet on the counter. That kinda set the whole weekend. After an hour effort to retrieve it I was once again making headway. I love the drive up to Marquette. Very scenic.
I arrived and checked into my hotel, dressed to ride and headed to ride the course backwards as most people do. Met Jon H and Peter H (no relation) and we rode the course. Afterwards Jon wanted to head over to the south trails of Marquette Mountain and I reluctantly agreed.
That was a mistake. He took me up Benson Grade which is close to the longest climb I have ever done on a MTB. That, the day before a race, was a mistake. I went as slow as I could but knew it would effect me in the morning. To some degree anyway.

Bike worked perfectly
The race was uneventful I guess. Which was a good thing. I passed people, people passed me. All in all it met my criteria of a good race. I have three.
1) dont take last in age
2) dont crash
3) pass somebody on last lap
I did all three even tho there were no laps I passed three people that I can remember in the last mile. I finished 4 minutes faster than last year at 1 hour 55 minutes. Placed 313 from last years 308 (out of a little over 1000)

And Sunday morn I sure could feel it. I cant remember ever being this devastated from a race. Everything hurts. I guess thats what age brings.

After the race on Saturday I went back to my room, which I had till Sunday morn, cleaned up and rested till about 3pm. Then I took some time in town. To my suprise, 3 different ships came to Marquette's port. So I did have some time to kill with them.

With the biggest being the James Barker. Stopping to unload coal to the power plant. Its a big one. It takes a long time to off load a ship load of coal. Or whatever.

But even my new hobby could not keep me in town. Even tho I had a room paid for the nite, I decided to pull the plug around 5pm Saturday nite and come home. Just did not pay to stick around just to sleep. And I was way too sore to ride at all. So I came home and slept in my own bed.

I guess I will call the race a success. Maybe by default. Finishing four minutes up from last year was a plus but I think that was due to a faster course. Im sure many came in sooner than thought. Im pretty sure Im in pretty bad race shape. And of course the effort Friday afternoon did not help much.

So the race was good but the weekend just was short. And thats fine.
My next time off is in a month when I travel to Interbike. And I have my cross race to put on in between. So Im going to be busy.

Here now on Monday my hip is still hurting me a ton and I think thats going to be a recurring problem along with my shot knee. Really hurts to walk. More so after the race.
Getting old aint' for sissies.


Thursday, August 8, 2013


last year
So today Im in the store very early trying to get things set up for the weekend. Orders sent and pre received.

I had planned on leaving tonite but it looks like early morn. I love the drive up to Marquette. Up the west side of Green Bay (the bay, not the city). Id rather do it in daylight.

As far as the race go's. Its a fast race. Not much single track. I installed a separate lockout lever on my rear shock just for this race. I usually never lock out the rear. But really do not need it here. A roadie race for sure.

I guess I have no real expectations. I would like to beat last years time but I think I was in pretty good riding shape then. Not so much today. This time I get to start quite a bit farther up from last years end of the line. That might help. I always play down results but if I beat last year I would feel better I guess. If I dont I wont beat myself up.

I'll be heading up myself. Going solo this weekend. And thats fine. I'll preride the last few miles on Friday. Maybe twice. I'll bring the cross\road bike for maybe a little bike path ride Friday nite. Race Saturday morn. Then decide if I want to hang around or maybe take a drive around the U.P. Should be a good weekend. I'll have the netbook so maybe a post from up there....
Have a good weekend.


Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Seems every other day is a good blog schedule.
Busy days in the store.

Here's one thing that drives me nuts. Pre orders.Every year clothing manufacturers want you to pre order their stuff. Yesterday I sat down to pick out my spring line up. I picked my fall line up in April. Its seems every year its earlier than the last.

Im not that smart to work 6 months ahead all the time. Its hard when you are concentrating on the now. But its a part of retail you learn in a hurry. Not just bikes stuff. All retail works that way.

Another thing that drives me nuts is that I cant put together a good riding weekend with a good riding week. After last weekends great ride time its Wednesday and I have not thrown a leg over a bike. Most likely not today either. Its vacation time for employees so under staff means long hours. Its a thing you must put up with being the owner.
That, along with the fact Im leaving again late tomorrow and trying to shove a weeks worth of work into 3 and a half days.

My next post just might be from Marquette, MI. leaving late Thursday. As of now it seems I will be solo. Thats fine.
I am in no way in race form (I use the term loosely). And the race just might be a disappointment for me as far as results. Hopefully the fun factor will make up for it.
Better get to work. 


Monday, August 5, 2013

WEEKEND (Im down to two bikes)

Last Thursday. MTB time!
Not a bad weekend for riding. Saturday me and a few guys put in 40 miles with a stop for coffee. The Felt F1 is now gone and Im on my old cross bike for any type of road riding.
Off come the 34c tires and on with  roadie rubber. 
Its still almost 20 pounds and no way would I keep up in the local group ride but as I mentioned before its go time on the MTB's anyway.

Sunday I did one of my favourite rides. Since it was not my weekend to work I took the Superfly home with me on Saturday. I then grabbed that MTB and rode the 15 minutes of road to the local trails. Spend about an hour and a half there, then road ride the 15 minutes to the store.

Switch bikes to the roadie cross bike (dont even have to change shoes) and ride out to the park (after hanging out in the store a bit). Hit the park and flippit back to the store (about a hour's ride) and hang out for a bit. Then ride the roadie cross bike home.
All in all I was in the saddle 3 hours 20 min.
I'll call that a good day. A good weekend really.

So here I am in the store way too early. Mondays after I dont work the weekend are a bitch. Mostly ordering. Trying to figure out what all the little notes on my desk mean. It takes awhile to get up to speed.
And then there the fact that Im out Thursday and heading to my new favorite town, Marquette, MI. So its a four day week for me. Last week was a three day week. And its all catching up to me.
Better get going.


Friday, August 2, 2013


Back home late yesterday. Mini vacations are mentally tough to do. As soon as you get it through your head your on vacation you have to turn around and come back. It takes me a full day to decompress. By then its too late.

I'll take mini vacations again, but maybe a destination not so far away. Feels like it was almost a full day of driving round trip.

The weather was nice. I did not get to ride a whole lot. We did get to the Bearskin trail on Wednesday for an hour, and I rode the Raven trails Thursday morn for an hour. Other than that it was eating, drinking and just hanging out. Overall not a bad time.

Raven Trails.
I have not been on my Superfly a lot and that's my fault. With the selling of my F1 roadie I was trying to get some extra miles on it. On Wednesday I was riding it on the Bearskin and I realized I just have not fitted it for me yet and it felt like crap. Everything was out of place. I'll need to dial that in soon. I plan on spending more time on that bike now that the roadie is gone. I'll have it fine tuned in no time.

I better, because in 7 days I leave for my new favorite vacation town  Marquette  MI to do the Ore 2 Shore. Its crazy how fast this summer is going, since summer has been here only for about 4 weeks so far. And Im pretty sure I am no where near race weight. Whatever. Im never about the results anyway. If I finish feeling good that good enough for me. Last year my time was 1 hour 52 min. I guess thats a mark I can shoot for. I guess I better get that Superfly in the woods soon, but even tho that race is on MTB's, its not a MTB race. Its pretty much a road race. Little to no single track. But is still fun. I pump my tires full of air, get in a aerotuck and TT down the roads pretty well.

This weekend Im off so I'll get some riding in at some point. Superfly for sure. Sunday I think. Tomorrow morn I'll hit some quick road miles with the cross bike. I slapped on some skinny tires to use the bike on the road. Its good enough to close the season with. And I should have a new cross bike coming before the end of the month anyway.

Its going to be a crazy few months for me. Starting with next weekend's race,then my cross race, Interbike in Vegas, our MTB race and a daughter getting married in Oct. Cripes.
And I still want to throw a short bike tour in there somewhere. As I sit here, it feels like the calm before the storm.
Have a good weekend.