Monday, July 15, 2013


Another perfect weather weekend. Another successful training ride for me Saturday (group ride). I only got dropped (by myself) once and was down to one push uphill. Thats an improvement for me. I did get dropped again later but was with a group of 6 or 7. It was a good ride.

Except a few miles to go and I hit a huge pothole in the road. Almost took me down. Bounced both water bottles out of the cages and cut my rear tire down. Thats a bummer. I had maybe two hundred miles on that tire. I threw in another tube and it got me home. Thats the second tire I cut this summer. Good thing I can buy them a bit cheaper.

Sunday was once again MTB day in our local woods. Pretty much was scouting for this years WORS race and have the course set in stone. Now we just have to have a few trail work days to get it in shape. But another two hours in the saddle in the woods in the sun.

The store was way busy this weekend. I found another great part time guy so Ive been enjoying the weekends off. I love coming into a empty store on Monday. Looks like almost 10 bikes off the floor since Friday.
Which now I have my work cut out and I spend most of the day filling the store back up. Time to order!

Today is a off day for riding as planned. Tomorrow will be right back on. Not sure when my next race is going to be but Im looking around for a fun one back up north. Those one day, stand alone, point to points are so fun. Hopefully I can do a couple more this summer.


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