Monday, July 8, 2013


Another weekend with some good riding. Road on Saturday and the woods on Sunday.

Saturday had me on the official Saturday group. For the first time this summer. Its always a tough time for me. But its needed as I almost never push myself that hard alone.

Got dropped a few times but kept my head down and always either got pulled back or they waited. I use this ride every summer to test my fitness and it seems Im getting a bit better. A couple more efforts like this and I'll be in better shape to do a some more MTB races.

Speaking of, Sunday was the first ride on the 2014 Superfly 9.9SL. And it was awesome  Remember back when I said the aluminum bike was just as good? It is not. The carbon bike is faster. Almost seems more so then just the weight difference  Which is really only a bit over two pounds. Maybe two pounds makes a faster bike. The weight of the carbon bike is at the higher side of 21 pounds. Thats nuts!

After some adjustments I settled into the bike quickly. Trek is just on top of their game with the offering of Project One's here. This bike is a 2014 and will be my bike the rest of this year and most of 2014. Then for sale.

On the other side of things its crazy how expensive this stuff is. Im sure its justifiable in some way or form but a $10k MTB is crazy! I would, however, have no issues selling one. Its just weird how much these bikes are. Not just Trek or Felt. Many others too.

On the other side of that (or back to the first side) these bikes are amazing machines that are light years ahead of just three years ago. And I know Im going to enjoy the heck out of mine for at least a year.

Until I get the next one....


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