Thursday, July 25, 2013


Fatbike stuff: is happening so fast. Now 9zero7 has introduced a full carbon fatbike. Since Im already a dealer I must admit that trumps the Trek fatty. Products in this type of bike are coming out so fast now I need to step back and wait until all options are out before I make a decision on what Im riding\racing this winter.

Riding stuff: Almost 5 hours in saddle in the last two days. Making up for a crappy last week. This weekend (but its only Thursday) I plan on hitting the group ride on Saturday morn. The huge effort needed is good for me. Then, on Sunday, the family is scheduled to visit my mom and Ive made the decision to ride up her house in Green Bay. Its about 75 miles from door to door. I planned on using the Trucker tour bike but now I just might use the F1. That most likely will be my last ride on that bike as its future has been decided and its leaving next week.

Leaving me without a road bike for a bit as I will wait to get a high end carbon cross bike in about two weeks and use that on the road to finish the summer. Its cross\MTB time anyway.

I should really use the tour bike on Sunday. I am planning my summer vacation tour, no destination set yet but looks like the middle of August (ish). I have not sat on my tour bike on about 10 months.
Its about time I do.


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