Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Dura Ace C50's
I don't do a lot of this. Maybe I should do more. But overall I try to keep business off this personal blog. For the most part.

Lets talk about the Dura Ace C50 clinchers. Only available with an aluminum braking surface. (The tubular rim is all carbon).

Now, I love cool wheels. I demo several sets a year. Eastons, Bontragers and Dura Ace this summer.

I really like these wheels and heres why.

They are of Dura Ace quality. Bearings and hubs are high end stuff. Very good. Many people see a full carbon wheel and look at the rim. I look at the hub. Thats where all the business is conducted. These wheels are on par with any hub I have used. Period.

Moving on. Many companies have a carbon wheel with aluminum braking surface. Its their cheaper wheel. Usually  its a aluminum rim with a carbon "fairing" on it. Its the red headed stepchild of the carbon wheel world.
Not so here.
Instead of taking a aluminum rim and making it a fake carbon wheel, this wheel is full carbon first, aluminum surface second. The braking surface is added to the carbon rim instead of the other way around.
Then, add in the fact its of D3 technology  That means its wider than a normal wheel. The aero effects are that of a rim much deeper the 50mm. The Bontragers also have this. The Eastons I ran did not. I can feel the difference over 20mph. For real.

Sure the wheels are a bit heavier. Grams. No biggie. But here is what seals the deal for me.
The aluminum braking surface is just so much better braking than carbon.  And that true with any wheel. Being a bigger guy I noticed the difference immediately. And I was more comfortable in my ability to stop with these. 

Now Ive never rode off a cliff due to carbon wheels, but I did have to plan ahead a bit more. With the aluminum surface, I can brake with one less finger on the lever. That's a plus. Also, no million dollar brake pads needed. Like any aluminum rim they can go from bike to bike easy. These would be nice for both the road bike and cross bike.

I will always ride full carbon wheels. In the past I would have never considered the fake carbon wheel with a fairing.  But I think (since these wheels are sold) I will get me another set of these Dura Ace wheels for keeps. Very versatile. And plenty fast.


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