Friday, July 19, 2013


Of late I'm trying to simplify my life. And here's one way.
Shoes and pedals.
I just ditched the Speedplay pedals and Speedplay specific Sidi road shoes. Got ride of all my Crank Bros pedals.

Now, I have one shoe to rule them all. And switched to Shimano SPD.

On the left in the pic is my Ultegra road pedal for the F1. In the middle is my XTR for the Superfly. On the right is the lower end M520 with wings for the cross and the fat bike (I have two sets).
And the shoe is a Sidi Drako. A MTB shoe.

Will I get laughed off my Felt F1 roadie? I don't think so. In the past, I larger pedal platform was the way to go on the road. But today with these near $500 shoes with the soles made of million dollar carbon theres no way your going to flex them. So with the shoes being so damn expensive Ive decided to now only own one. Road bike, MTB, cross bike and fat bike.
One shoe to rule them all. And its a good shoe.

Last nite I rode the local trails and decided to ride the 9zero7 fatbike. Maybe for the last time as have a ton of Trek Farleys headed my way in 6 weeks. My fatbike is not a hipster fatbike. Its a racing bike with carbon everywhere. While it is fun to ride that bike, I wished I would have had the Superfly. I had a ton of air in the tires and struggled with all the roots and rocks with the bars being ripped out of my hands several times. At my age I need suspension. Lots of it. So... I guess its the MTB for the rest of the summer. My Felt F1 is close to heading out the door soon too so I will be without a road bike for a few weeks.
So that means time to hit the woods.

I will do so.
Have a great weekend.


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