Tuesday, July 23, 2013


So far, today is starting off right. 830am
This weekend was my weekend to work. And even tho I could find the time to ride, I didnt look for it.

Its nuts how fast the riding can grind to a halt  I was hitting over 10 hours per week. In the last 7 days I have had 45 minutes. And only myself to blame.

Last week it was hot. And even tho Im a big guy, heat does not affect me as much on the bike as you would think. But when I work all weekend I get in a pretty crabby mindset.

That crabby mindset kills my motivation and keeps me off the bike. Both Saturday and Sunday I brought a bike home with me after work. On Saturday I even unloaded it and aired the tires. Only to walk in the house and never come out. I will try my hardest to stop this soon. No riding Monday.
Mondays are ordering days. Didn't even have time to type here.

However, this morn is glorious. And as soon as someone else gets here Im out on a two hour road ride. And my mindset from the weekend has worn off as Im pumped to get on the bike. I have my route already planned in my head and Im going to be able to hit my happy place twice in one day.

I hope this is another beginning to some serious riding. Putting last week behind me.


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