Friday, July 12, 2013



Today was one of those have some coffee and hang on the beach kind of morning. Its been a while since. Of late the mornings have been filled with errands and stuff to do before the store opens.
Or, like yesterday, a bike ride. Spent more time on the new MTB and even had thoughts of racing this weekend but thats out. Soon tho.....

Last nite we had a MTB club meeting. Im now heading up out MTB race in Oct. Ive done so before, maybe 5 or 6 years ago so I know the drill. That, along with my cross race in Sept will have me busy with race director stuff.

Its a lot of work, and more or less a thankless job. But I consider it kinda fun and enjoy helping to put on a good day of bike racing. As the days go by I'll get more and more into it.

Tomorrow I'm going to try my hand at the group road ride like last week. Hoping I can hang on for dear life, maybe get a little help and hang in. As mentioned, its really training for me. And needed.

Other than that I plan on riding my MTB also this weekend. Now that I have my demo bike I'll be in the woods a lot more. In fact, Im putting the demo Felt F1 roadie for sale next week. Its time to move on.

The weather is great so get outside this weekend.


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