Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I'M OUT (with links)

805am Packed and ready to roll.
Its been a long time since I took off. Today I leave at 2pm. Be back late Thursday
And I have finally decided where to go.

Tomorrow morn I will be on the Bear Skin Trail. 
Thats a nice easy fun trail. Very scenic. A good ride for me and the wife.
Along with that ride we will be drinking coffee all morning, some beer at nite and eat at many nice restaurants.

But then, Thursday morn, its game on at the Raven Trails.
Will have to lay down a hot lap with the Superfly. Then after a nice lunch at a nice restaurant it will be time to work our way back home.

A very short mini vacation but I'll take what I can get. Every little bit helps.

I might have time to write something as I will have the netbook with me. But maybe not.



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