Tuesday, July 16, 2013


A year ago I knew this was going to happen. When the USADA took Armstrong down there was no turning back. While in the back of my mind I knew there was a chance Lance doped, dragging it thru the mud years after really was not the right thing to do.

Sure it made some USADA officers famous. But the aftermath was not worth the price cycling paid. My opinion was and is that nothing good came from busting Lance. It was just too late.

And done the wrong way. All the US riders who got hand slapped. Some retired. Some racing in the tour today. What about all the foreign riders that were on Postal\Discovery? What about those guys?
Nothing. They all must have rode clean? Only the US guys doped? That whole thing was just wrong in so many ways. All to get one guy who was doing things the same way many others did it. Anyway... fast forward a little more than a year....

And we got Chris Froome. Who, as it seems, is heads above the rest. That ride the other day looked Armstrongish. I was told that when the doping left the peloton the fields would be tight. No one man could pull away on his own. With so many devoted and talented athletes how could one man pull up a mountain so much faster. And be able to bust out a TT the same week.
And so the allegations begin. Nobody believes he's not doping. And that, my friends is what I was talking about a year ago. Now no one can have a good day without finger pointing. Very sad.

But if history proves, looking at all the heroic rides of the past, there is a chance he's doping. And by just knowing there's a chance has ruined the image of cycling.
We all know the "test me if you want" means nothing. And Sky's "come in and look at everything we have" means nothing. It just means they have done their diligence in cleaning things up. Fact is, doping is harder than in the Armstrong days but if you know what your doing, can still be done. And by just knowing that has ruined the image of cycling.

So you can accuse just by his superman efforts. And I really hope he's not. And if he is, I just dont want to know.


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