Friday, July 5, 2013


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Its a warm summer morning here. Bikes are everywhere. The remnants of yesterday's 4th celebration is everywhere. In the form of garbage. Tons of city employees combing the beach. Picking up.
We spent the day on the deck of the store, which is a prime spot in the expensive real estate area.

Its started Wednesday nite with the Venetian boat parade. Again, all from the comfort of the store deck. Then again Thursday for the fireworks. Both late nights for me.

I did manage a road ride on the 4th. For the first time this summer I joined the group thinking it was going to be a easy ride but they headed west for the hills and that leaves me out. Me, and couple other guys decided to ditch the hilly ride (after we could not see the group anymore) and went our own way which was fine by me.

The three of us had a great ride of almost 60 miles and over 3.5 hours. Sun was out, it was warm and before we got back I called out that this was the best ride of the summer for me. And that was before Brian bought us all a ice cream cone when we were done.
A great ride.

Today its back to biz as there is 20 bikes to build and get on the floor before the weekend. Also my new Superfly to build, and the Felt F! needs a 500 mile check up too. And of course the scheduled repairs. Not enough time in the day. There will be four workstands going here today.

Tomorrow I have the store once again staffed to operate without me and I will once again give the road group one more shot. Usually, the Saturday routes have not been west so way less climbing. Lets see how I do with that.
I'll let you know Monday.
Have a good weekend.


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