Thursday, July 18, 2013


Very hazy and hot. Have not rode yet all week but I do plan on some woods tonite. Its almost 100 degrees today and Im riding my fatbike.

 Its leaked out that the big players in the bike world are coming out with fatbikes, including Trek. Saw a pic yesterday. Its nice. Mid level components. Think I'll order a bunch.

But in a way this takes those bikes to a level above the mentality of the genre. Mass produced bikes from the big three ruin everything some may say. I guess I can see their point. You no longer need to go to some bike shop and have then rattle off issues like "rear stay width" and ask if you want Rolling Darrels or Marge Lites.
For me, a Trek dealer, it makes this fatbike thing so much easier. The bikes are now cookie cutter and I just put one or two on the floor and sell them like any bike. In the past, with say, 9zero7's, one had to try and price out a bike with specific specs and since every bike was build out it was so hard to compare apples to apples with other dealers who may have spec'd the bike a bit cheaper. Now I can floorplan the bikes under Treks dealer terms. No building, no figuring out what spec level to use.
Just click the mouse and the next day they are here.
I like simple. Of course Surly is still that way. You can still order a complete bike with them. And I still do.

In the past 12 months, fatbikes really became the new fixxies and all the cool guys were riding them. You head farther north like in the U.P. of MI and people commute on them. Year round. People still walk in the store just to see the bike with the fat tires. I think thats going to fade a bit as they become more and more main stream. Dealers who know nothing about them will have them on their floor. The fatbike hipsters will resist this trend for as long as they can. They will insist their choice of bike is still obscure and weird. When in fact it will no longer be when everyone has them. Ive been telling everyone in our group that at some point, you will all have one. Now its easier to do that. 

There are some losers here. Having the big 3 manufacturers jump in all at once will of course hurt the little guy. How can it not? While Im sure many true blue fatbike fans will stand by their man, I believe a company like 9zero7, which I am also a dealer, will take a hit. Others too. Sadly, some may disappear. Some dealers will lose out too.

Up till now, if you wanted a fatbike you needed to go to a dealer who knew what they were doing with those bikes. Ride them. Race them. Build them. Sell them. Ive done all of the above but there are many dealers who were in it a lot deeper than I. Those guys will lose. Now, you can walk into a store who has never rode, stocked or built a fatbike and buy a very nice bike very easy.

I can think of one dealer who does not carry any of the big three and sells a ton of fatbikes. Now three dealers in his town will carry nice ones. By default. But that's progress I guess.
The winner here is the consumer. A ton of options now available. You can still stay a fatbike hipster. You can still get your Moonlander. Thats still a cool bike. Pugsly too.
Just don't look down your nose at me when I show up with a Trek. Cuz most likely thats what I will be riding this fall.


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