Monday, July 1, 2013


Sunday ride #1
Sunday ride #2

Had a good weekend as far as riding.
Sunday pulled off a double.

Had the MTB at home so Sunday morn I grabbed it and rode from my house to the local trails. Its not very far. Less than a 10 minute ride.
The 29in wheels with a semi-slick tires actually roll pretty good on the street.
I hit the woods and spent some time planning two race courses.
First is my cross race in Sept.
Second is our clubs MTB race in Oct.

Im in charge of both so I spent an hour on each, riding and planning and scheming. I pretty much have the basic ideas in my head. I just need to get them out.

After an enjoyable ride in the woods I rode over to the store, changed shoes and grabbed the F1. And put another couple of hours on it before riding back home. A fun day for sure and over three hours total in the saddle. Fitness is returning.

Im feeling pretty good of late (on the bike) and hope to start racing soon. Another couple weeks yet. Just a few more pounds to lose to get back into (Clyde) racing weight.

My racing schedule includes only a few WORS races, but more of the fall classic one day races. Such as Ore to Shore etc. Lots of fun. And I get out of town to do those which is a plus for me.
Just gatta stay in the saddle ongoing. Im ready to hit some of the road group rides which is a interval fest for me. Really, for a bigger guy like me I need to treat those rides like races. The effort is about the same.
Bring it on.


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